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These Women Did Incredible Things To Look Like Barbie Dolls

Big blue eyes and dark eyelashes, tiny waist, big bust and skinny figure, often blonde but sometimes brunette, isn’t she too familiar? You guessed it right! Barbie seems to be the ideal epitome of a perfect woman whose looks many young ladies sought for as inspiration. Barbie’s looks, style and even her very face and figure is all over the internet assumed by women all around the world.

Let’s take a sneak peek onto these beauties who looked genuinely like the Barbie Girl that all women loved.

Valeria Lukyanova

barbie girl

Valeria is considered to be the most popular human Barbie there is who became popular since years ago. A Ukrainian model, she surprised the world with her Barbie looks that totally mimic the hair and style, body and face of the classic Barbie we’ve known. Her Facebook page and accounts made her even popular with the viral photos of her pictorials showing the ideal figure she enhanced closely alike with that of a Barbie doll appearance. She gained criticisms for claiming she did minimal surgeries to attain it and even allegedly faking the photos.

Valeria told her food free diet was her beauty regimen and that all she needed was solar energy to survive. Pretty weird and impossible but that was what she insisted. Apparently, she must have gone down from being goddess-minded as her recent photos show a more realistic beauty of a celebrity. Her claims assumed she already came to a realization that Barbie life is an exaggeration and that she needs to live human. No big deal, she still maintained her hot figure but this time, realistically, and not from starving herself but from an exercise at the gym.

Angelica Kenova

A human Barbie born from Russia, Angelica literally lived the life of Barbie. Long-legged late twenties woman who weighs 89 pounds, measures 20 inches in the waist and 32-E bust size, she tops the list of most popular human Barbie currently. She was said to have been raised by her parents since 6 years old dressed like a Mattel doll. They even got little

Angelica a personal trainer when she reached 16 years old. Still living with her parents and with the life her parents chose for her, she doesn’t seem to be bothered a bit, so why should we? Angelica closely resembles Barbie with her striking features that she seemed to be good living the life of one. The only downside is that she dates with her mom around.

Lolita Richi

Also of a Ukrainian descent like Valeria, Lolita Richi is a natural human Barbie. Green eyes, blonde hair, 32F bust size and 20-inch waist and to think these physical characteristics she graciously has are natural, no surgeries ever were done. More or less, she’s effortlessly looking like Barbie. Cool!

She was born in Kiev in 1998 but currently stays in Turkmenistan. According to her, she did not like playing dolls when she was young and preferred going out to play. Pursuing Psychology, she’d soon be a psychologist human Barbie.

Venus Palermo

A Youtube sensation with 1.3 million subscribers in her channel who makes video tutorials on how to put make-up and look Barbie, Venus Palermo or better known as Venus Angelic managed to gain a huge crowd of fans of her own. Her natural features include her large eyes, perfectly carved nose, tiny lips and pale skin that matched her skills in makeup application and unique fashion sense.

Her tutorials include the use of eyeshadows, circular lenses, and sheen powder control.  Venus was born in Switzerland in 1997 with Swiss and Hungarian descent currently settling in Japan. Petite Venus was more of the Lolita-themed of human Barbie doll depicting more like Japanese anime, unlike the other human Barbie. Completing the long list of popular human Barbie worldwide garnering a number of fans and famously celebrated on the internet are Ukrainians Anastasiya Sphagina, Alina Kovalevskaya, American Dakota Ostrenga, Chinese high school student Wang Jiayun, Philippines based but of foreign descent Alodia Gosiengfiao and many other.

These real-life Barbie are all with the physique and beauty stunning enough to be on par with princesses and goddesses, not in the children’s books or fairytale cartoons but in real flesh, blood and beating heart.

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