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Twitter’s GoLive Streaming Is Social Media’s Next Big Thing

We now know that video marketing greatly increases web traffic. It influences our customer’s decision-making on whether on not to buy a product or subscribe to a specific service. The powerful combination of images, sounds, and animation enables all the business owners to effectively deliver their messages to the desired audience. Not only that, but it allows customers to scrutinize a product in motion than judging it through still pictures and flowery descriptions.

This is why the rise of video marketing quickly dominated the eCommerce industry. There’s just so much potential in video streaming that even the social media giants like Facebook and Instagram ventured into video marketing. And obviously, Twitter wouldn’t allow themselves to be left behind. So they entered the video live streaming world with their GoLive feature.

But before we start tackling more about Twitter’s GoLive feature, let us first discuss a brief history of Twitter’s strategic moves in developing this incredible video feature.

Twitter Eyes Periscope’s Potential


Twitter had acquired Periscope in 2015 in order to realize their goal of entering the video industry. At the time, Periscope had been the most widely used social media app that centers on live streaming. While using Periscope you would get to update a status and share it with your friends. In doing so, you would live steam yourself and your friends could then browse different videos and streams of you!

Indeed, Periscope offers great benefits and convenience when it comes to capturing videos and sharing it in an easy way. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Periscope’s notable feature is that it lets you integrate and record your videos directly from a GoPro camera. So, imagine shooting your high-quality video directly from the lens to your and your Periscope account and instantly sharing it with your friends.Lovely, isn’t it?

Twitter’s Partnership with Periscope

Twitter knew that the great features Periscope offered had vast amounts of potential. So Twitter had acquired Periscope and partnered with them in late 2015. Both software and app were integrated in order to bring the video marketing and live streaming technology to the next level. With Periscope and GoPro’s integration, you could now shoot your videos in high-quality resolution and share it to Periscope, but it’s becoming more than that! Using Twitter’s GoLive feature, you can now shoot a live stream video directly to your Twitter account!

That’s right! No more logging on multiple devices or accounts. Simply click the video button on Twitter and it automatically creates a live broadcast that can be seen by your followers. What’s more is that they can interact with you too! This offers a great opportunity for business owners to promote their products and services through live-streaming.

What’s Next in the Future of Live Streaming?


Now that Twitter has finally entered the competitive world of video marketing, there’s no doubt that other social media giants will contemplate their next move. We hope that Pinterest and LinkedIn may consider adding live streaming capabilities in their own platforms.

There’s no doubt that businesses and personalities have come to love Twitter. They make use of its features to their advantage in order to promote their brand. The essence of establishing a “real” and interactive communication has become a top priority and need for customers. They want to communicate with real people, not just interacting with products, brands, or companies. They want to see and hear the real story of real people behind these companies. And what better way to express and deliver your message than videos? This makes Twitter’ GoLive a staple for brand promotion.

If you still haven’t incorporated the use of video into your marketing strategies, we suggest you start doing it now. Video marketing has been dominating the eCommerce industry for years already, and it has no signs of stopping anytime soon. On the contrary, it will only start booming its full potential because of the emergence of live streaming and interactive videos.

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