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Eating “Green” And Healthy Can Be As Easy As This

New year, new life! As you desperately try to keep (and write off) your resolutions, you decide to follow one particular promise to yourself: to eat healthier. Like millions of other people, it can be crazy difficult to keep at it for two reasons. One, all the “bad” food is just too delicious! And two, “green” food can be pretty expensive. If you keep on giving up because of these two reasons, then you’re actually doing it wrong.

Eating clean and “green” doesn’t necessarily mean staying away from your favorite food and spending loads of money. What many don’t realize is that it doesn’t have to be too difficult. Below we have cheap and easy ways that you can keep eating healthy this year. We’ll bet you’ll finally get to keep that resolution once and for all!

salad-652503_640Don’t diet

Many people think that eating healthier automatically means cutting down your food intake, sometimes even drastically. Wrong! While it does lessen the amount that you actually have to digest, what you eat less is just the stuff that your body doesn’t need at all or in excess — like processed foods, GMOs and unhealthy amounts of fat and sugar. Contrary to popular belief, our bodies need fat and sugar, we just have way too much of it. One of the secrets to being and eating healthier is to realize that it involves a lot of eating more of the right food on top of your current diet than eating less in general.

Avoid what you should

Okay, so now that we’ve established that you shouldn’t actually go cold turkey on your favorite pizza and burgers, you do actually have to stay away from a couple of things. Will all your might, try your best to ditch food that has has added or artificial sweeteners or are processed, canned, packed (as junk food) or even frozen. The last can probably be more on the “occasional” category but the rest can go. Simple as that! The rest of the food that we’ve all thought to be “bad” can stay in your diet, as long as you keep them under the “considerable” amount because, again, your body still needs those things to stay healthy.

Sneak in the greens

Here’s the slightly difficult part, at least for those who are not used to eating vegetables. We all knew this was coming, so better accept it! But instead of hoarding on lettuce and other leafy greens and forcefully wolfing them down, take it slow. Try incorporating them in your meals first, just as you would prepare a healthy meal for a child. Add finely chopped carrots in your baked mac, add extra layers of greens to your burger or make a delicious veggie-fruit shake. As you become more familiar to vegetables and get used to the taste, you can gradually increase the amount further and eventually eat mean, good-tasting salads. Remember, it doesn’t have to be like that vitamin that you hate but have to consume. Keep finding more ways that you can easily enjoy it!


Make your own food

Eating out definitely has it perks. You don’t have to prepare and you get to have delicious food in minutes! But remember that most dined in food have added artificial flavor, which is what we hoped you’d start avoiding. We’re also talking about instant food, which is really made up of a lot of preservatives and “fake” food with just a small amount of healthy carbohydrates. Whenever you can, try your best to just do the grocery — and avoid boxed foods! — so you can have a better idea and control of what you’re actually eating.

Keep snacking

You read that right. Again, eating healthier doesn’t mean starving yourself or going on a diet. Now that you’ve improved your food choices, choose to keep eating smaller meals a couple of times a day as opposed to going hungry two to three times a day and end up having large meals. Eating more frequently has been proven to increase and improve your metabolism, which in turn helps you burn extra energy and fat more efficiently. Healthy, slightly filling and guiltless snacks that you can keep on hand are nuts, such as almonds, mild flavored homemade popcorn and even raisins.

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