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Wonders Will Never Cease! Here Are Some Peculiar Things About The World

The world is so vast that every place distinguishes itself from the rest. Each region has its own unique features and cultures, some of which are so odd that they challenge each of our beliefs. You may frown on them, but surely, some of your beliefs are just as strange to them as theirs are to you.

Here are some of the peculiar things in the world:


This nation is located in South Pacific, Niue. Their currency features “Disney” and “Star Wars” characters in their coins. Their said coins feature characters such as Mickey Mouse, making them collectors’ favorites around the world. The island nation has a population of 1,200 people. In a bid to appear on the map, Niue started making coins that featured Pokémon, Disney Princesses, and Star Wars Characters.

The most expensive coins featured Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Goofy. They were made from 7.1 grams of gold ( worth $625) although their value in Niue is $25.


Notre-Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe are just some of the most famous monuments of all time in France. But did you know that you can marry a dead person in France?

Posthumous was legal in France during the reign of King Napoleon. It was later reenacted in1959. During one disaster, a dam burst and killed hundreds of people. One person who lost her love in the incident asked to marry him even after death. However, this will only be allowed on the condition that you provide evidence that you were to marry the deceased before death. You also have to seek permission from their family.  Another condition required is the non-acquisition of the dead person’s assets to stop gold diggers from taking advantage of the law.


There is a company in Japan that is called Ikemeso Danshi, translated as “Handsome Weeping Boys.” This company offers exceptional services in Japan. You can hire these handsome men to watch dramatic movies with them as they gently brush away their tears just like in the movies. However, this comes at a price. The company also provides fine- looking suitors for $65. This time, you watch a movie while he wipes tears from your eyes. 

They got the idea from the fact that crying can be therapeutic. This according to the founder, Hiroki Terai.


The Kingdom of Bhutan or Bhutan is the smallest state in the Himalaya mountain range. Most buildings located there adorn the male genitalia. This is based on the belief that they push away not only evil spirits but also bad luck.

Their population consists of many Buddhist who believe that the male genitalia is not only a symbol of fertility but also effective in pushing the evil spirits away. The practice originated with a Buddhist teacher in the 15th century, who claimed to fight demons with his “member.”  Today, the penis portraits have become more of a cultural symbol than a spiritual one, and their prevalence attracts throngs of tourists.


If you want some unique name for your offspring, be thankful that you are not Danish. In Denmark, citizens can only select the names of their offsprings from a list of 7, 000 government-approved names.  The Law on Personal Names was enacted to protect their children from having outlandish names, which they deem to be ridiculous.

Parents that want to get names out of the list must seek permission from the government. Over a thousand names are assessed annually, and about 15% – 20% are rejected.

 No more TIME TRAVELing

No film featuring time travel can be shown in China. This is because the authorities believe that the idea of time travel sends a wrong message to its citizens. The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television in China had started to censor and phase out any entertainment relating to time travel in 2011. According to the government body, these films lack positive thoughts and meaning. It was based on the assumption that these films give a false impression of history and that they should promote films that are intrinsically Chinese.

 Ban on GUM 

Famous for the delicious hybrid cuisines that they serve, Singapore is banning its citizens from importing, selling and chewing gum. Yes, folks, chewing gum is illegal. 

In an attempt to make a social community in 1992, the Prime Minister of Singapore introduced a set of strict laws, one of which included this one. However, pharmacists and dentists are allowed to sell therapeutic gums with a medical prescription.

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