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A Peep Into The Life of Alex Fine: The Instagram’s Fitness Genius

Meet The Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Alex Fine is a 25 years old young man who is well known for dishing out fitness tips and instructions to celebrities. He was an athlete during his days in college. Asides being a fitness educator, he also combines as the overseer of health-related issues in a water corporation (CBD).

A moment with him unveiled his stand on the various topics or trends worthy of mention in the society.

When asked of his future plans asides the usual bull riding and helping of celebrities to remain fit for which he is known for, he responded that he intends moving out of his usual niche and venture into Movies and Entertainment industry and produce movies that will not necessarily be restricted to fitness exercises.

The young man is courting the ambition of joining the Hollywood bigwigs one day.

In a bid to further his social life, he intends going on an excursion spree with close friends to spend quality time appreciating nature, meeting new people and having a whole lot of fun. As regards his choice of destination, he preferred a culture that was somewhat different from the American’s way of life he was used to. Places like Japan, India which are all famous for one sport or another caught his attention.

Fine’s Views On Social Media

While recounting the roles of social media in his life, he explained that social media no doubts has a wider coverage as well as publicity, yet, it doesn’t undermine the ancient power of spoken word. He came to this conclusion after opining that he is yet to receive a singular message from his fan base, rather, he has been operating solely on referrals by different people or companies.

Further proof was when he said that he likes distancing his major business of training people from his social media page as he is yet to post a video of fitness related exercises.

Though he accepts the possibility of using his page to garner more contracts exists, he refused to solicit for patronage on his wall. Rather, he uploads his personal day to day activities or uses the Social media to further feed his eyes with the various food delicacies across the world as well as beautiful places all over the world.

Alex Fine, further explained that in his line of business, he revers no individual above the other. However, he admires individuals who have proven themselves to be resilient and persistent in their chosen fields.

In a bid to maintain a body as fit as fiddle at all times, Fine routinely works out every morning but it is just limited to cardio exercises.

Thereafter, he gulps celery juice which he is quite fond of despite criticisms from different people on the taste. When it is eventually 2:00 pm, he prepares his first meal for the day which is usually light in protein which he combines with fruits based on his fruits calendar for the day or month

Alex Fine, as a way of remaining fit constantly, brought gym materials to his home and trains with his friends who usually come over for his training session.

Alex Fine gulps celery juice which he is quite fond of despite criticisms from different people on the taste.

As a way of advising prospective trainees on the dos and don’ts of the hallowed fitness class, he gave the following tips;

Don’t Start Your Fitness Routine With A Fitness Tutor

Do not venture into fitness exercises as a first timer with a trainer. However, if you are in urgent need of slimming a bit probably for a function or something else, then, you can look around for experts on the field. As a newbie, you should start with walking but if you find it a bit hard, you can make use of apps specifically designed for this purpose.

When you carry out the walking ritual for about two weeks, then, definitely, you must have walked at least 10,000 steps which will help you in losing some calories and remain super fit.

Download And Watch Workout Videos From YouTube Channels

Since the advent of the Internet, there is no doubt that life has been made a bit easier. On that note, YouTube videos can always be resorted to as it has a way of motivating people to push themselves and achieve their desired target.

However, it is quite advisable that you let your motivation come from within instead of without as those things outside of you might bore you sooner or later but when you derive your power from inside, then, you will not give up easily.

Fine recommends consistent walking for people who are just starting fitness programs because it makes the whole exercise process simpler.

You can commence by outlining a set of not too difficult targets to be met within a specified deadline and then slowly but steadily, you will emerge victorious.

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