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How To Avoid The Fuss After The Lottery Win

Even if it is hard to believe, it can happen. It is a known fact that it can happen to a common man. An ordinary human being can hit the jackpot. Everything one has to do is buy a ticket, enter the game, and key in some numbers or scratch the ticket with a penny depending on the game. Most of us do not even know the amount of the grand prize; we just want to play a little game and test our luck. We invest a little, hoping to get a bit more in return if the luck strikes. The thought of a big win` crosses our minds, but we are really about the possibility of that ever happening to us. The house always wins, right?

 “But a lottery isn’t meaningless. Someone has to win.” 
― J.G. Ballard

Let’s imagine the situation: The time has come to pronounce the winner, everybody is glued to their TVs. The numbers get out, millions of hearts beat fast, the pressure is on, and the stakes are not a joke. The presenter keeps on talking, announcing the statistics after every number. When the last one is out, someone’s life is about to change for better or worse, only the time will tell. But for now, this very lucky person is to get a makeover of a lifetime. That lucky person is YOU!

Here is what you have to know before you take the money.

 Do not let it change you fundamentally

It is easier said than done, but try not to let it get to your head too much. You are still the same person, only with deeper pockets. With this new state, one should think and think hard about what becomes important now. Make sure you and your loved ones are covered and safe. Remember, you are not the only one who gets affected by this. You are the bearer of happiness, so make them happy but not too happy. Plan carefully. Spend it on things that are really needed. More is not going to make a difference. It may feel good one moment, but it is not going to last. Never lose the sight of who and what you were before this happened. Nothing lasts forever, especially money. It can get out of the hands with the snap of the fingers. Don’t you forget it – easy come, easy go!

 Stay anonymous

Restrain yourself from shouting it from the rooftops. Keep your head under that roof. Before claiming the prize, check if you can stay unknown. Seek professional advice. It is safe this way. Do not let even your neighbors become aware of your winnings — they can become your worst enemy. They can send the vultures to come knocking on your door.

This particular piece of information is worth a lot, even losing the best of friends — the ones you thought were never capable of betraying your trust, your secrets. They are the first ones who can make a deal with the devil. Soon, it will be not just them making demands, asking for this and that. Stay clear of any troubles cause just now you are becoming aware of all the troubles that come with having money. Not to mention the taxes. Do not become an easy target, do not be fooled by good and honest intentions of others. Dodge this by plotting your way of staying under the radar.

 Keep calm and make no sudden shopping sprees

One of the basic urges people have when getting into some money is to go and spend it. We have all been through this – we are only human. The need to get just one more thing, just this one, never stops. What you do when the urge rises again is the real demonstration of what kind of person you are — do you give in easily and are you able to contain it?

Having that much amount of willpower is unique and precious. And most importantly, everybody is capable of it. Try by not doing anything drastic. See what is really necessary, make a plan to live within that same old budget. From time to time buy yourself a new shiny thing, only you know you can. Do not spoil yourself too much. Having money is just a game, try not to lose it. Do not risk it all for a night to remember. This is not Las Vegas, and your house is not always going to win.

When you win big – good luck with it. You will most definitely need some after-luck. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Create smart habits with money. Do not talk big. You see, talking and bragging is what creates a chaos. You already survived one huge change – do not go for the other, the unwanted one since you can end up down in the dirt, with the rest of the unlucky people who gambled it all.

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