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These Cars Come With Free Insurance

When you think about car expenses, insurance comes to your mind as one of the highest expense of all. Luckily, there are car manufacturers who offer to help with free policies and insurance contributions to help you buy the vehicle you like. So, which manufacturers are offering this?

We just have to tell you in advance that a number of these offers for new vehicles require you to buy a car through a PCP (Personal Contact Purchase) finance agreement. In the case that this is the first time you hear of this, you need to know that these deals include an initial deposit, and after that, a series of monthly payments over an agreed period of time. Just like with any other kind of personal finance, you need to consider the terms of this contract carefully before you sign anything. If you are not sure, there are onlune personal contract purchase guides to give you more information on the topic. Also, if you are not sure about how much the car would cost with this deal, you can find PCP calculators online. These will give you a better idea.

 Citroen – insurance is included in the PCP deal

Citroen has a Simply Drive policy, which allows their customers to get behind the wheel of almost all of the new vehicles by this French brand without having to worry about additional insurance, servicing costs or road tax. At the moment though, Citroen is not offering telematics insurance, which is catered specifically for the youngest drivers.

With Citroen, the PCP deal will cover the cost of your outgoings related to motoring—of course, except for fuel costs—for three years. When this period is over, you will be given the option to upgrade to a new vehicle, or if you don’t want that, to pay the last balloon payment and keep your current vehicle. If you are interested, the current full terms and conditions are available on the website Citroen Finance.

 Peugeot – insurance is included in the PCP deal

This is another French company with a great offer that is very popular among drivers. Their Just Add Fuel deal offers a very simple way into ownership of a new car. Their three year PCP deal is a combination of insurance, servicing costs, road tax, and warranty costs. It combines all of this into one single monthly payment. We are not making anything up; we got all these details from the Peugeot finance website.

If you take a look, you will see that this offer is available for a wide range of new models from Peugeot. The 308 SW Estate, 308 hatchbacks, 2008, 208, 108 and even their diminutive hot hatch 208Gti – they all qualify. In order to benefit from this deal, the youngest drivers (between 18 and 21) must have a telematics black box fitted to their new car.

 Suzuki Ignis – offer includes first year’s insurance for free

The latest supermini from Suzuki is available with one year of free insurance if you are between 21 and 79 years old. The difference between this and the other deals on this list is the fact that you won’t need to have a telematics black box fitted to your new car. This deal is open to all drivers older than 21. However, a condition has to be met—you must NOT have any fault or theft claims within the last three years, and you have to have held your driving license for at least two years.

This offer is only available on the 1.2 litreIgnis models bought through PCP agreements before 30 April 2017. If we sparked your interest, you can read more on the Suzuki Finance website.

 SEAT Ibiza FR offer includes first year’s insurance for free

If you are thinking bout buying a new Seat Ibiza at the moment, you can take advantage of 12 months of free insurance. The Spanish manufacturer decided that drivers under the age of 25 must have a telematics box fitted to this new car in order to qualify for this offer. Also, they have to pay an insurance contribution. For younger drivers, this figure increases.

The offer we are talking about is available on all Ibiza FR models. If you need to know more, go and check their terms and conditions on the SEAT Finance website.

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