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These Celebrities Look So Stunning With NO MAKEUP

The most famous celebrities are always surrounded by photographs, so that they are always in their suits and gowns, with their full makeup and accessories; it is then normally for them to look beautiful. But, how their life without makeup actually looks? What is the real impression that they will make on us when they are completely natural? Here are 12 celebrities who look adorable without makeup and luxury outfits.

 Sienna Miller

Sienna is 36-year-old model and actress who actually always looks natural. She has a beautiful spirit and a smile that spreads positive energy. Even when she wears makeup on, it is not so blatant. She keeps up with her natural and glowing beauty and chooses the casual look on the red carpet, too. We must say that her style plays a significant role – she puts together very nice clothing combinations and that makes her look excellent.

 Halle Berry

Halle is known as a celebrity that has never done any plastic surgery and belongs in this list as one of the most beautiful and charismatic people in Hollywood. She has always had a natural look and a smile that is her best accessory to wear. She can be seen with no makeup walking or spending time with her friends and family. Even with her pulled back messy hair and a casual everyday style, she looks beautiful.

 Meryl Streep

Meryl has the incredible looks for her age. Not only is she considered to be one of the greatest actresses of all time, she is also well-known for her good care of herself. She always takes a good care of her body and skin, trying to keep herself out from the sun. It is hard to even imagine that Meryl has 68 years in her birth certificate! She brings her amazing spirit wherever she goes and this shows us that an aging woman can be beautiful both on the outside and the inside. Anyone can have this! According to her words, the most important thing in life is to be yourself – and get old with style.

 Julia Roberts

Julia has a unique beauty spreading good vibes wherever she goes. Somehow unbelievably, this 50-years-old celebrity has three children and enjoys being herself: a mother and an amazing actor – all in a pleasant and natural style. She has been famous for more than 25 years and still has a beautiful smile which is loved by her fans.

 Johnny Depp

Johnny is a special personality among the celebrities and yet he is completely unique. He is still youthful and once stated that this is what matters the most – how you actually feel and how you look wherever you go. He also said that it is great fun growing old. While many of his colleagues are doing so much plastic surgery, we are happy that Johnny is so natural and one of a kind – which is the thing that makes him so popular!

 Julianne Moore

Julianne is 57 years old and looks like she hasn’t changed at all. She doesn’t plan to do any surgery, though. Julianne stated that getting older is a part of everyone’s life, and she is looking amazing right now. This mother of two says that her beauty secret is to stay out of the sun and do things you enjoy the most. For her, those things are traveling and spending time with her family – the things that are making her younger.

 Liv Tyler

Liv has always looked so cute and humble. She has her beautiful eyes and full lips genetically and looks fantastic wherever she goes. With 40 years in her birth certificate, she still looks as in her twenties! Liv isn’t into plastic surgeries and wants to age naturally.

 Kate Beckinsale

Kate has 44 years and an unbelievable beauty for many years now. The rumors about plastic surgeries spread around, but there were no visible changes on her face. She has an amazing smile and energy and is still looking like in her 20’s. We are pretty sure she will be stunning for more years to come!

Many celebrities tend to say that it is not easy to resist the plastic surgeries nowadays, but decide not to succumb. This is definitely worth it. These natural-looking and still beautiful celebrities show us that years and makeup aren’t so important when you have a good spirit and feel comfortable in your own skin!

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