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Celebrities Share the Best Foods to Eat This Winter Season

Wondering what delicious foods to eat to fight the Winter’s chilly breeze? There are still tons of reason to enjoy eating delicious, mouth-watering meals. These celebrities share their favorite delicacies to eat this Winter season.

Dwayne Johnson

Named as "The Rock," Johnson is a renowned actor and professional wrestler.

Named as “The Rock,” Johnson is a renowned actor and professional wrestler

The famous actor went on Miami to spend Valentines Day with his beloved daughter. While boarding his flight back home, he made sure to eat a satisfying meal so that he could spend the special day bonding with his precious child. He shared how he cooked some chicken and pasta to have some tasty dinner.

Padma Lakshmi

Aside from being a great actress as well as an executive producer, Padma always ends up coming back to her one true love: Cooking. Since she launched her first cookbook entitled “East Exotic” in 1999, she’s been hosting numerous cooking show programs and published several books for the last couple of years.

Of course, she also never fails to share recipes to her fans now and then. The latest delicacy she shared was a delicious plate of fiery red spaghetti treat for Valentines Day. She encouraged everyone to indulge in eating their favorite foods on special days and occasions since you deserve some love and treat.

Jimmy Fallon and Gigi Hadid

Both Fallon and Hadid host the phenomenal talk show entitled

Both Fallon hosts the phenomenal talk show entitled Tonight Show.”

Aside from being good friends, Fallon and Hadid are also the best burger buddies you can find in the showbiz industry. Often, you’ll see them chowing down the newest burger joint in town. Hadid once celebrated her birthday by eating her favorite cheeseburger together with Fallon while living on TV. According to her, you may eat clean most of the time to stay fit, but you can never resist eating a delicious burger!

Duff Goldman

According to Duff Goldman, an excellent way to start your day warm is to make sure you drink your favorite beverage in the morning. Despite his hectic schedule, he always makes sure to stir his favorite latte and have a sip to warm his body against the cold. His wife, Johnna even took a photo of him drinking his latte while on their honeymoon trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Rachael Ray

The renowned chef shares her recipes frequently on

The renowned chef shares her recipes frequently on Food Network.

For years, Ray has been helping millions of cooking enthusiasts worldwide to hone their skills in baking and cooking by sharing her delicious recipes on her lifestyle program and network series. Her avid fans took a particular liking to her creamy carbonara – which she traditionally cooks as a Valentine’s Day meal for 15 years and counting.

Leah Remini

Who doesn’t love chocolates? According to Remini, most of us have a sweet tooth, and it’s okay to indulge yourself in treats once in a while. It just so happens her favorite sweet treat is chocolates. So she couldn’t resist taking a picture of a half-eaten box of Ferrero Rocher.  

Gordon Ramsay

Hails as one of the best chefs in the world, Gordon Ramsay never stops reinventing foods and make revolutionizing meals most people can enjoy. His latest delicious creation includes a plate of homemade fish and chips while he’s in London, England.

Cardi B

The renowned rapper Cardi B indulges herself in eating her favorite food this Winter season. As a seafood lover, she never misses feasting on the giant lobster and enjoys eating its meaty goodness and mouth-watering taste.

Tony Danza

Tony loves indulging himself in dough pie topped with delicious red sauce, pineapples, hams, and other meaty toppings he could think of concocting. As a huge pizza lover, Danza always makes sure to make his own, homemade pizza to celebrate the holidays. It also became his favorite snack this Winter season as he can put hot sauce all over it to warm and spice up his taste buds.

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