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Celebrity Mind Blowing Private Jets & Yachts – They Are All Set For Retirement

Everyone on this planet has hobbies. It’s something that gives us relief from our everyday routine and helps us keep going. However, when your checking account holds millions in it, you can afford much more opulent hobbies without having your cost management go haywire. Stars from around the globe spend a lot of cash in personal jets or in superyachts, with some of them using their expensive possessions for traveling and others for their entertainment. Maybe it’s the films they’ve done or the character they played, but many of those celebrities’ planes or vessels often carry signature marks of their owners, as they tend to make their stuff a bit more personal, showcasing their social status. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive celebrity “toys” out there.

 Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady – NFL Star & Supermodel –  Gulfstream G550, $50 Million

Starting on our list is one of the most famous celebrity couples, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen and NFL star Tom Brady. The New England Patriots quarterback has won five Super Bowls, and Bündchen used to be considered as the world’s top model. After combining their fortunes, these two have made their cost management much easier. In fact, their net worth combined has reached $540 million, so having their own luxurious private jet is no surprise. It actually belongs to Gisele, and the Gulfstream G550 cost her around $50 million. They love each other so much that Brady doesn’t usually travel with his teammates. Instead, he joins his wife and kids on this beauty for a family party on air.

Kendall Jenner – Model – Axioma, $500K Per Week

Model and Social Media icon Kendall Jenner currently sits on an-$18 million net worth, and if you consider that she was born in 1995, she definitely hasn’t reached her financial ceiling. She can afford holidays that other people could only dream of, and in 2015, she took her celebrity squad on a trip to Monaco. She rented the lavish  236-foot yacht Axioma, where she spent her days off alongside Gigi Hadid, Shanina Shaik, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and renowned F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Numerous pictures show them having fun with the vessel’s water sports equipment, and all this had cost Kendall $500K a week.

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