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Celebs Jobs Before They Were Famous – Find Out Who Almost Signed Up For Nursing School

It is sometimes said as a joke that every waiter in Los Angeles is an unemployed actor. There is an element of truth in there as many stars have been through a string of jobs before making it big. The most common job is waiting on tables, while the most outlandish is a job of a coffin polisher! But what can our celebs do? Money is often tight, and it might take years to make it in the entertainment industry. Come with us as we examine some of the biggest celebrities’ previous work experience -their former bosses wouldn’t believe their current net worth these days!

Wonder What Their Job Was Before They Were Famous?

Brad Pitt – Chicken Mascot For El Pollo Loco

Can you imagine Brad Pitt wearing a chicken costume and dancing around? Well, he did just that, as a mascot for the El Pollo Loco restaurant chain! The famous actor never got his degree from the University of Missouri, so when he moved to Los Angeles, he did various odd jobs like refrigerator delivery man and limo driver, as well as that mascot promotional dancing.

Johnny Depp – Telemarketer

Before becoming an actor, Johnny Depp and his then wife worked hard to support themselves. She was a makeup artist, and he changed many jobs. Perhaps the most memorable for the star was when he worked as a telemarketer, selling promotional ballpoint pens. There is no way the money from that job could cover his current $30,000 per month expenditures for alcohol!

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