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Check Out These Celebrities Who Know No Limits on spending Their Money

We’ve all heard of successful Hollywood celebrities investing their money wisely to let their already massive wealth grow further. Despite having millions of net worth, most of them live a relatively simple life. But not for these celebrities.

These famous personalities love to splurge themselves and enjoy their wealth after engaging in responsible financial habits. After all, we all want to treat ourselves after years of hard work. Let’s uncover these celebrities who don’t shy away from splurging themselves in lavish lifestyles.

Conor McGregor

McGregor hails as the first

McGregor hails as the first Martial Arts fighter to hold two title belts concurrently.

The world’s renowned Mixed Martial Arts fighter and champion gained an astounding $85 million net worth that enables him to live a luxurious lifestyle. In 2017, he spent a lavish trip to California and Nevada for both business and leisure. The media always spotted him traveling with limousines and private jets which caught everyone’s attention at how grandiose his life is.

Kylie Jenner

Hailing from the rich and elite Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner isn’t new to living a lavish lifestyle. Kylie loves collecting multi-million dollar real estate properties across the country with each residence valuing at $13.2 million or more!

She also has a sprawling mansion and guest house in Los Angeles. Aside from that, she also loves to collect expensive sports cars, and she currently owns seven of them. Moreover, Jenner loves to flaunt her exotic vacations in the Caribbean and share it with her followers on social media.


Jay Z rose to fame as an influential musician since the 1980s and sold a staggering 36 million records in the country alone. Aside from that, Jay-Z has also built a business empire by founding Tidal. Since then, Tidal became a prominent record label company.

One half of the power couple, Jay-Z is a prominent musician and business guru.

One half of the power couple, Jay-Z is a prominent musician and business guru.

Jay-Z also owns several cosmetics company across the country. Recently, he also founded Sovereign Brands, which enables him to drink expensive liquors coming from around the world without spending a penny for it. Jay-Z can probably live for years sitting relaxed and pretty without worrying or working for money.


Also known as Queen B, Beyonce came from an elite clan with over one billion dollars of net worth! Despite her family’s immense wealth, Beyonce carved her path and wealth by working in the Hollywood industry and became one of the wealthiest celebrities in no time.

Aside from that, she also invested a portion of her wealth to fund a startup tech company named SideSteps. The app lets you buy your favorite artist’ concert tickets as well as official merchandise. To top it off, she’s married to Jay-Z, who also has his wealth empire! Beyonce loves to flaunt her expensive outfits and properties on her Instagram account.

Jeffree Star

Contrary to other traditional celebrities, Star became a famous internet personality through his Youtube channel.

Contrary to other traditional celebrities, Star became a famous internet personality through his Youtube channel.

Jeffree Star was a former musician before he quit the industry and became a makeup guru instead. Fortunately, his career switch paved his way to becoming a famous YouTube sensation. His net worth ballooned into an astounding $5 million. Aside from that, Jeffree Star also established his brand of makeup based on his name. Today, he also shares his extravagant vacations and expensive purses on his Youtube channel.

P. Diddy

Another successful rapper named P.Diddy owns three multi-million dollar properties and a massive $72 million yacht – which he uses for ocean playtime! Despite raising five children, he doesn’t run out of money to spoil them. He gave an astounding $342,000 luxury car for his 16-year-son as an extravagant gift for his birthday!

Oprah Winfrey

We may know Oprah as a free celebrity who donates tons of her money on foundations and helping people, but she also loves splurging herself in fancy things. She owns a $90 million residence in California, a private jet worth an astounding $42 million.

Moreover, she recently acquired a 163-acre real estate property in Maui which becomes her favorite vacation spot whenever Oprah wants to take a breather.  All these properties and she still has millions of money to spare for her audience.

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