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Defying All Odds and Past Traumatic Experiences, Jessica Alba Now Owns a Billion-dollar Empire

Alba’s Tough Childhood

Jessica Alba who at some point was one of the very popular actresses has gone ahead to settle for a very lowkey life. According to a media outlet, her choice may likely be a result of her tough childhood, an alleged kidnapping when she was 15 and enduring different illnesses.

She was on the Flipper’s set in 1996 when she was allegedly kidnapped and remained missing for about fourteen hours. That case was dismissed because Jessica was unable to provide any substantial information. Since the incidence, she has refused to provide answers to any questions about what happened to her.

Asides the alleged kidnapping, Alba had a lot of other traumatic experiences as a child. Reports have it that she suffered serious illness when she was a child as she had ruptured and partially collapsed lungs, pneumonia at different times yearly, asthma, obsessive-compulsive disorder and hyperactivity disorder. Fellow students also bullied her and she eventually had an eating disorder as she became very confused about her outward appearance.

Alba was allegedly kidnapped while she was filming Flipper in 1996

Alba’s Relationships

Even though Alba’s family was very religious and did not believe in premarital intercourse, she said she dated anyone who asked her out when she was a teenager. She, however, added that she didn’t sleep with any of those people.

While speaking in 2005 to a media outlet, she said she willingly went out with anyone who asked her to because it wasn’t so common that anyone would ask her out. She added that she didn’t attend teenage parties and also kept her virginity.

Experiencing the very different showbiz world when she was a young adult made her question the teachings of the church. She said her biggest revelation happened when she was in love with a bisexual man who was a ballet dancer. Alba stated that they used to go to a gay club together four nights every week.

Alba grew up in a religious family that strongly frowned at premarital intercourse

While later speaking with a media outlet in 2014, she said she loved him so much and couldn’t imagine him heading to hell. However, she said her friends who were born-again Christians didn’t give their approval.

On the set of Dark Angel, she reportedly began a relationship with Michael Weatherly who was a co-star. Michael proposed to her on her twentieth birthday. Even though there was a huge age gap between them and her parents don’t approve, she acceptedthe proposal. However, the relationship wasn’t meant to be andthey went their separate ways 3 years later.

Alba also reportedly had a shortlived relationship with Mark Wahlberg. Their romance was after she made a cameo on Wahlberg’s TV series in 2004. Also, she was linked with Derek Jeter, an American baseball star. Alba referred to both guys as very nice guys.

Relationship-Rocking Rumor

It was when she filmed Fantastic Four in the year 2004 that she met Cash Warren who ended up becoming her husband. The following year, she told a media outlet that he wasn’t famous and what she felt for him seemed like love at first sight. However, she added that he was in a relationship when they first met and so they started as friends.

She said the very first week when they got together, Cash handed her a note which he signed with the dollar sign since he answers to the name Cash. The note simply said that he really liked her and she added that it was the same way she also felt. In 2008, she was pregnant with Honour, the couple’s first daughter, and they got married in a very secret ceremony. They had no guest in attendance.

Their romance became troubled a year down the line when there was an accusation that Cash had kissed Lindsay Lohan when they were together in a club in LA. Alba was however in defenceless of her husband and Lindsay and referred to the rumor as a ridiculous one.

Alba referred to the rumor about her husband and Lindsay Lohan as a ridiculous one

It was about that time that she also revealed her intention to quit the industry. She said she wanted to quit acting as her director had reportedly told her to look prettier as she cried since her tears looked too real.

Booming Business

Ever since the year 2012, Alba’s only major role had been in A Dame to Kill for” which is the sequel to Sin City. She has made a couple of cameos on other films as well. Her career as an actress has taken a less prominent position as she now places more attention on being a businesswoman as well as supporting Cash and their children.

They now have three kids together: 10year-old daughterHonour, 7-year-old daughter Haven and 10-monthsold sonHayes. She started her business which is a collection of baby products and household goods. The Honest company is now reportedly worth $AU1.8 billion.

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