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Dolly Parton’s Beauty Secret: Sleeping with Makeup On – Is it Worth Trying?

Dermatologists have time and time again remind us that it is best to wash the face before we go to sleep. Men and women alike, they should remove the dirt, oil, and dust just so your face can breathe and your skin gets renewed overnight. It’s one of skincare experts’ commandments, but one brave soul who can get away in breaking this law is Dolly Parton.

Wearing makeup all day can be exhausting for your skin, which is why you need to rinse your face clean before hitting the hay. You don’t want clogged pores and the sudden appearance of acne and blackheads! Celebrities, meanwhile, had to wear cosmetics for longer periods, especially during work, which could span for a good whole day. But for the renowned country singer, she has her own ways of doing things, even in her beauty regimen.

Dolly Parton’s Beauty Secrets

The vocal powerhouse is known for not being a follower, but instead one who lives her life the way she wants it to be. That’s why when Dolly revealed that she sleeps with her makeup on, it wasn’t a shocker, although dermatologists would likely disagree. Interestingly, the 73-year-old was obviously unapologetic about it, and even added that she does the washing in the morning the following day.

Dolly Parton doesn’t remove cosmetics from her face at night and washes it the next morning

Experts would cringe at the thought but the songwriter, in the true Dolly fashion, seemed not to care with what science has to say. Well, it is probably because she has a practical reason behind it — if there’s an emergency like a fire, the icon makes sure she’s ready.

If it surprised you, know that Dolly wasn’t the first to break the rule. KKW Beauty owner Kim Kardashian has said in the past that she snoozes with a made face just to save time the next day. But have you noticed the two having not-so-great skin? Apparently not. The “9 to 5” singer has observably good skin and she’s known to set her own rules.

Kim Kardashian also sleeps with her makeup on

The science Behind the Dermatologists’ Advice

But as much as Kim and Dolly’s reasons for sleeping with makeup on sounded like hacks, Mount Sinai Hospital’s Icahn School of Medicine assistant clinical professor at dermatology Gary Goldenberg said that it’s really not worth trying, dubbing the practice as one of the worst things that can sabotage your skin. Cosmetics can wreak havoc to your face more than you know – the expert explained that it could block your pores, which causes acne.

Add to that the environmental pollutants, bacteria, and dirt that get stuck under the makeup, which Gary explained can cause skin infection. Apart from the damage, not washing your face full of cosmetics before sleeping hastens aging because your skin is not renewed.

Right Way to Remove Makeup

A dermatologist advises using makeup remover when washing full makeup

Depending on how much makeup is on your face, dermatologist Joshua Zeichner said it is essential to remove cosmetics every night before you sleep. For a full makeup, you can use a makeup remover and your cleanser to wash away everything on your face, followed up with a serum and then a moisturizer.

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