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Stars Now Retired & Working Normal Jobs: Who Really Failed As A Star? Who’s A Lawyer? Who’s Doing Something Beyond Strange?

All of us grew up watching our favorite TV shows and movies and following our favorite celebrities. Ever wondered what happened to those superstars that don’t appear on TV anymore? Well, Hollywood is a cruel place to be in, especially when a star has gone past his prime. Competing with new talent is not an easy job and if acting can’t pay your bills, you gotta look for a new job, even if you were once a hot shot. Some of the actors on our list are now chefs, some are lawyers and some adapted such a shocking new line of work that even they could not have imagined themselves doing, ever. Check this out and let us know which actor’s current job shocked you the most.

1. Jon Gosselin – Waiter


Jon Gosselin had a dream start when his show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, became the most popular reality TV show, thanks to its originality and his funny kids. Americans loved everything about the show—except, well, him. Jon showed the whole world that he is sloppy and very unreliable as a father. Naturally, the show ended and he was soon out of a job. Due to his generally unfriendly behavior, he could not get any roles and had to retire from acting. Now, he waits tables in Beckersville at Black Dog Restaurant so he can pay his bills. Looking back at the fame he once had, he would not have dreamed that it would come to this.


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