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Find Out What Is The Worst Black Friday Incident And How You Can Stay Safe This Year

Thanksgiving is finally here and people are celebrating it with their friends and families. The turkey is out along with the pies and the cranberry sauce, however, it is not just about great food or family get together because tons of people wait for the main even to be over since that would mean Black Friday Sale will officially begin. It is that one sale that happens every single year that people go crazy about because stores all over the country over the best deals. It is also the perfect time to shop for Christmas present since that would be the next nearest holiday.

However, it may all seem so exciting, Black Friday Sale turns out to be that one day of the year where people often lose their cool and will do anything to get their hands on as much items as they can. This could then lead to a massive chaos, which is technically one of the main reason why it was named that way. Here are some of the most outrageous and the worst Black Friday happenings from the past couple of years and how you can stay safe while you’re shopping.

Black Friday Sale originated in a chaos when police officers from Philadelphia used that term when the people seemed to have lost humanity all for the sake of getting good deals during the 1950s




Worst Incidents During Black Friday Sale

One of the worst things that happened during a Black Friday Sale has got to be the stampedes, everywhere you go in the country people will literally go to the stores to get a chance to shop the greatest deals. Unfortunately, there are some cases wherein people either died or got severely induced because of these stampedes. One incident happened around 10 years ago in New York, it was reported by CNN that a Wal-Mart employee got stepped on by hundreds of people coming in to the store.

The poor 34-year-old man sadly died because of how much he got trampled by those people. Another incident involves an 11-year-old girl who got stepped over by tons of people in Ohio, she was taken to the hospital and luckily survived.

The Black Friday Sale is definitely not safe for the elderly, the disabled, for pregnant women, and children. It is sometimes not even safe for normal people. Even the security personnel or the police officers say that it usually gets out of hand and even them gets over powered since the crowd can totally get out of control.

Another incident that literally makes it so dangerous is the bomb threats. One of the most famous ones happened in Florida back in 2014, hundreds of people had to evacuate the store and not even three hours later, a nearby CVS Pharmacy reported to have a bomb threat as well but nothing was ever found.

This post Thanksgiving sale turned into a four-day even including Small Business Saturday or Sunday as well as Cyber Monday.

How To Stay Safe

Just because there is a massive sale going on does not mean that you no longer need to be mindful of yourself or your surroundings. Keep your purse, phone, wallet and any valuable item inside your coat or pocket. It is also best to not wear any expensive jewelry especially those that can easily be taken off or ripped off. As much as possible stay sane and don’t argue over an item with another customer, this is literally where the chaos begins. Keep in mind that your safety is way more important than any other sale.

People also think that it is way more safe to shop online than to go out and be with a bunch of people going into the stores. However, what most people don’t know is that it can also be dangerous to shop online. In this particular day of shopping sale, there may be some online hackers that are waiting for people to shop online. They often create websites that are identical to the well-known stores but they have better deals that are too good to be true.

Always check if it is the right website with the right link and also use only one credit card when purchasing. Keep in mind that there is no harm in trying to be safe and you’ll definitely lose nothing if you try to be mindful and shop wisely.

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