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Five Famous Families Share Insights Into Their Typical Christmas Celebration

During this festive period, a lot of fans are always eager to know what the famous families have planned. From the Kardashians to the Beckhams, below is what this period will likely look like for some of the famous celebrity families

  1. The Beckhams

Festive periods always have the Beckhams focusing strongly on their children. This isn’t surprising as Victoria told a media outlet last year December that Christmas Day has always been a great day for the children and there’s always wrapping paper in different corners of the house. As a result of the preparations, Victoria hardly has enough time to get herself ready because she’s always trying to get one thing or the other done for the kids.

During Christmas, Victoria Beckham hardly has enough time to get herself ready because she’s always trying to get one thing or the other done for the kids.

The festivities for the Beckham family continues even after Christmas Day. She said she loves the Eve of New Year and always spends the day with her children. According to her, the children know just exactly the right way of partying. She added that it’s always a good time for them to let down their hair and get dressed up. It is also time to have fun and her family likes to have fun together considering that they spend a lot of time travelling and working.  They try to maximize such opportunities when they get to spend time together as one family.

  1. The Hadids

Bella and Gigi spend a lot of time in the kitchen during Christmas. While speaking to a media agency last year December, Bella said her sister, Gigi usually ends up doing the cooking while she really enjoys baking. She mentioned that they both love to watch Food Network and they always end up preparing anything they learn while also hoping whatever meal they make turns out good. The sisters prioritize food and family time.

Bella Hadid enjoys baking during Christmas while Gigi gets busy with cooking

She said she finds it hard to recall the last time when she had a Christmas wish list. All she ever wants for Christmas is to be with her family, ride her horses and not work for one week. She expressed how great she thinks Christmas is as it is always a time for her to eat everything and generally have a great time.

  1. The Kravitzs

Christmas for  Zoë Kraits is more about taking a break and just getting away. Earlier this year, she said holidays are the only time when she gets a real break and she’s been making it count as both a holiday and a family trip.

Christmas for Zoë Kravitz is more about taking a break and just getting away.

Her family spends a lot of time on the beach wining and dining together and they celebrate the Eve of New Year with a bonfire. She added that she hasn’t been to a very wild New Year party for quite some time and she thinks this New Year might be the right time to do so.

  1. The Kardashians/Jenners

Kendall Jenner said Christmas is her favorite time yearly and she loves anything that is Christmas or generally festive related. She said they have a Christmas Eve party yearly at her mom’s house and they invite all the people they know to come wine and dine and be merry. She added that preparing for Christmas isn’t actually so simple considering that they have a lot of relatives to put into consideration when shopping.

She admitted that she has to consider that her family is a huge one so there are times when even planning ahead still brings her down to wire. She said her ideal holiday celebration would be where she is surrounded by her loved ones, laughing and also watching movies. Also, she said she loves baking or cooking during the period and would always be found in a kitchen during this period.

  1. The Delevingnes

Last year, Cara Delevingne said she loves great Christmas cracker. Keeping the angel on the tree top, handling the tree decoration and also opening stockings on the morning of Christmas with her kids were all traditions for her family.  In their house during Christmas, it’s always a season for family, Fiesta, friends, food, and feast. It is also a period for sharing presents.

Christmas is always a season for family, Fiesta, friends, food, and feast for the Delevingnes

On Cara’s gifting style, she said she loves to gift presents all through the year. She added that what she loves most about gifting is that it doesn’t really matter the amount you spend on getting the gifts. She mentioned that she considers sentimental presents really special and she loves to give presents that are a mixture of whacky, fun and crazy and also loves to give things that have significant meaning to people.

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