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Aging Like Fine Wine: 37 Golden Age Stars That Are Still Alive And Kicking

It’s never easy knowing where all our favorite celebrities are all the time. Old films or evergreen songs often give a familiar ring to us but big stars of the times past still might need a picture attached to their name for us to remember. We love talking about celebs but there are always some that we miss out on and with old age – they are often thought either gone or enjoying their retirement. Hollywood is easy to remember but quick to forget so we’ve come up with a list of our favorite senior celebs who still enjoy life at its best – wrinkles and all. Find out about the last project they did, too.

Mel Brooks, Born in 1926 – To Tell The Truth

American actor Mel Brooks has enjoyed a fruitful career that has spanned more than six decades. He is one of the few actors who was able to receive a Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and Academy awards. Even in his nineties, he remains active in the industry and has no plans of settling down in a retirement home. He has his own tip in staying healthy at the age of 91. According to him, one should never retire as long as your feet are still working. Today, his musical, Young Frankenstein, is still running in London and he wants to bring back other productions as well.

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