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Here’s Why Nick Jonas Feared His Brothers Wouldn’t Talk to Him Anymore after Disbandment

Sibling bickering and petty fights are normal at a young age — those who have an older or younger sister or brother would know the feeling of teasing them is unexplainably satisfying. It’s all fun and games until one of you cries and tells mom or dad about what happened.

But when you’ve grown, misunderstandings are a different story, just as what happened to the Jonas Brothers, who recently got back together after a fallout.

Music and Fame

Before there was even the Jonas Brothers, the members Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas were first siblings. In their hay years as they were tied with Disney saw teens screaming at the top of their lungs for the heartthrobs — what more could you ask for? They didn’t just fall under the typical pretty face cliche, they can act, sing, and better, they are brothers.

The Jonas Brothers split six years ago

Everything was well … like fame was made for them. But all good things must come to an end, they say, as the Jonas Brothers disbanded in 2013, leaving our precious hearts in the rubble. Since then, the individuals focused on their own endeavors as they moved on: Kevin was the one who decided to stay away from the limelight as he focused on his personal life, getting married to Danielle and dipping his toes in real estate; Joe went to become the lead singer of the band DNCE; and Nick became a solo artist releasing two albums and even appearing in films.

What Happened?

Thankfully, the Jonas Brothers recently came back with a bang, much to the excitement of the fans. Although we are fortunate that the artists have come to their senses to get back stronger, we can’t help but wonder what happened and how did the disbandment affected their relationship.

Nick Jonas said he was the one who brought the idea of the split.

Nick, who previously admitted he was the one who suggested for the band to split, revealed he felt that Joe and Kevin won’t speak to him anymore after what happened. Joe, meanwhile, believed there was simply no more brothers anymore.

Reason for Fallout

Joe said he felt mad and betrayed at Nick for what he did

As to the reason for their decision, Nick believed many people weren’t into what they were bringing on the table anymore as shows that weren’t selling like hot cakes proved. Joe revealed in a documentary that he honestly felt betrayed after hearing this coming from his brother, who he sees as his best friend.

To cut thing’s short, things didn’t go well when Nick confided his intentions to his brothers. But despite the hardships they all went through, Joe believes everything was worth it.

With all the drama behind, they came back with the hit “Sucker” and, of course, their fans are still here to listen to their new music. The music video also showed how much of their lives have changed — it featured Kevin’s wife, Danielle, Joe’s then-girlfriend and now better half Sophie Turner, and Nick’s Mrs., Priyanka Chopra.

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