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Hijos De Celebridades Que No Sirven Para Nada. ¡Conócelos a continuación!

The children of celebrities are usually born in cradle of gold, unless their parents are abusive or do not care much for them. Unlike us, many of them do not have to struggle to make a living. They have everything they could wish for, some even end up wasting a lot of money on alcohol and banned substances and practically ruining their lives. Here are 52 good-for-nothing children who have been ruined, and may even need help with their addictions and rehabilitation for their mental problems.

Chet Hanks (Son of Tom Hanks)

Es indudablemente vergonzoso y embarazoso para Tom Hanks tener un hijo adicto a las sustancias prohibidas. Chet se internó hace tiempo en un centro de rehabilitación de drogas, pero antes de eso estuvo en un accidente automovilístico por el que enfrentó cargos por causar lesiones emocionales y físicas.

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