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Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Today’s Millennials

Millennials nowadays are taking a lot of heat after being repeatedly stereotyped and belittled as entitled and overachieving twats who would die without their smartphones. While that may be true to a certain extent for some, there are a lot of things that they’re doing right. Anyone would be crazy to ignore the fact that today’s generation is actually made up of many young entrepreneurs who seem to have had their hands on the recipe for success way earlier than the rest of us did.

Hard as it may be to admit, even baby boomers have a couple of important lessons to learn from the younger generation. We have compiled some of those for you below. By reading this, you have nothing to lose but possibly a lot to gain. You’re welcome, uncle!

twitter-292994_640Embrace new technology

Us thirty-somethings can hate the seemingly unnecessary innovations and never ending upgrades for the hundreds of gadgets currently available on the market all we want, but it’s not going to stop. We’d be exclaiming, “We did pretty well without any of those back in the day!” True, kids of today can definitely live without their phones or their GoPros, but why should they?

Times have definitely changed and so has the human race. Multiple studies have proven that the modern human brain is miles more advanced than its predecessor, and it can all be attributed to one thing: improved and expanding knowledge. Think about it, even cave men did “pretty well” with their sticks and stones, but why would we ever go back to the way it was? We have to admit that modern technology has helped us in great ways and it doesn’t have to complicate our lives if we don’t let it. So one thing that we have to learn is to accept and embrace technology, instead of being a grumpy old person who frowns in disapproval every time our kids show off a new watch that can show holographic images (it’s definitely not that impossible anymore!).

Reach for your dreams sooner than later

Millennials grew up hearing stories from their parents and earlier generations about how they settled for a job that they didn’t like, only to hate and regret it once they finally retired. By then, it would be way too late to become what they really wanted. Sure, their parents lived stable lives with their stable jobs, but sometimes it’s discovery and adventure (plus the added mystery and excitement) that makes life more worth living. Generation Y hears this, and this is exactly why they are often seen to be careless and irresponsible pricks.

While we certainly aren’t telling you to quit that job at the bank to become a wire walker, we’re suggesting that there may be a middle ground for all this. Latest generations of people have been successful in building their careers while doing what they love, one just needs to find the perfect mix in terms of jobs and schedule. Nowadays, you don’t have to be just a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer or any other big time employee to have a stable future; you can be an online worker or build a small business and make as much money while having more time for your hobbies. Today, you’re encouraged to have a life, and millennials are able to show us how to do that.

tandem-skydivers-603631_640Take risks

Perhaps one of the most common reasons why millennials are being judged and misunderstood is their courage to take risks. We’ve all read those inspirational quotes that encourage us to take the less traveled road and to get out of our comfort zones, and yet we’re still too afraid to do it. While it’s definitely a smarter to make calculated moves, sometimes we ought to give ourselves chances to grow and find opportunities to learn from unexpected situations. If there’s not much to lose, why not gamble a bit? After all, you’ll have only little to lose and possibly a whole lot to gain. And if you’re going to lose, millennials know it’s best that it happens now while they’re younger. The result, they emerge as more experienced young people compared to the rest of us when we were that age.

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