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Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Houses – Their Home Insurance Rate Might Be Higher Than Your Paycheck

The world of the rich and famous can be expressed in two epic words: a roller-coaster! Just by taking a peek at their luxurious lifestyles, you can tell that for them, money ain’t a thing. In fact, we sometimes get suspicious that maybe, just maybe, they might have money-trees growing in their backyards, right? But one thing we do know is that their backyards and houses are simply spectacular! Just how did they pay for those massive mortgages and house insurances? Oh wait, come to think of it, we do know how they did it – their bank accounts are freaking crazy! That being said, we’ll show you some of the most epic homes of our top stars that will simply leave you breathless and wonder how much these guys even pay for those top of the line home security systems.

Dick Van Dyke – Malibu, California, $40 Million

George Bernard Shaw once said “if you want to tell people the truth, you’d better make them laugh or they’ll kill you”.  American comedy legend Dick Van Dyke knows is certainly in no danger of that as he’s been making audiences crack up nationwide, in his over 70 years long career. Today, well over 90, he is just as hilarious and he’s also reaping the rich dividends of his life’s work.  Stellar credit report, check. Huge net worth, check. $40 million Malibu mansion, check. Oh, and while we’re on the subject, did we mention that his mansion features an outdoor swimming pool full with a sunroom and luxury decors, as well as a whopping 26 rooms?

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