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Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Houses – How Much Do They Invest In Property Insurance?

We all know celebrities are rich and famous, but seldom do we pay attention to the luxurious real estate investments they make to live a life of opulence and majesty. Many of them were living paycheck to paycheck before one big hit set them up for life. But, still, some of these marvelous properties they now live in, will shock you. In fact, take this as a great opportunity to extract as much knowledge as you can about the many different ways your favorite celebrities have invested in their homes, and apply them (at least, the principles) when you buy your own house.

Lady Gaga – The Fame – Hollywood Hills, $5.25 Million

Lady Gaga is famous around the world as an icon of the music industry, but it’s her Monster Ball Tour that made her super rich with a total gross of around $227.4 million from an estimated 200 shows. When you have that kind of money, purchasing a $5.25 million property is a petty expenditure. But the house itself is beyond amazing for the price, with seven bedrooms, an apartment for the staff, an outdoor pool, a tennis court on the rooftop, two guesthouses on the side, and to Gaga’s delight, a recording studio. The house was once owned by Frank Zappa, the famous non-conformist American musician who left us in 1993, so there is a musical legacy associated with the house. If you ever get to visit, make sure to check out the dragon mural which adorns the dining room.


Lea Michele – Glee – Los Angeles, $3.3 Million

If you want to go shopping for a house, take some inspiration from the Glee starlet Lea Michele. Born in 1986, Lea seems to be doing quite well for herself with a 4-bedroom luxury oasis in West LA. Previously a resident of Hollywood, Lea found the lifestyle there increasingly suffocating and decided to end her turmoil by moving to a more secluded area. That’s when she stumbled upon this property, ensconced up in the mountainous terrain of western LA. The moment she saw it, she immediately fell in love with it, with its built-in gym and an amazing view of the canyon. She bought the house for around $3 million, which is definitely a bargain for all the good it’s doing for her!

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