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Jennifer Lawrence Finally Engaged to Her Art Director Boyfriend, Latest Sources Reveal

According to sources, the renowned Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Lawrence got engaged to her art gallery director boyfriend. Let us uncover how their magical love story started before leading to a promising engagement.

The History

Both Larence and Cooke Maroney were cautious about their actions as they kept their relationship in private.

Both Larence and Cooke Maroney were cautious about their actions as they kept their relationship in private

The couple may have known each other for a short time, but their friends know what they have is something special. They first met in June 2018 through a mutual friend. Laura Simpson revealed how Jennifer and Maroney instantly clicked together, and they started dating there and then.

The First PDA

A month later, the couple decided to gradually announce their relationship to the public as they were seen together on some occasions. It includes holding hands or walking arm-in-arm as they roam around New York City. A photo also circulated on the internet of them having a romantic candle-lit dinner while dining at an Italian restaurant. The fans could see it in their eyes how they were smitten with each other.

The First Travel

A few days after Lawrence celebrated her 28th birthday, the couple traveled to the City of Lights in Paris. Some fans sighted them holding hands while walking together around France. Shortly after, the couple went to Rome, and sources confirmed they visited some famous tourist attractions like the Galleria Borghese, the Villa Borghese gardens, as well as the ancient Baths of Diocletian.

An Awkward Introduction

In late September, the couple appeared in the New York Film Festival as their first official appearance since their dating rumors started. They attended the premiere night of The Favorite which starred Lawrence’s best friend, Emma Stone. Lawrence allegedly introduced Maroney to her best friend and her on-screen love team Nicholas Hoult – which happened to be her ex-boyfriend!

Talk about an awkward introduction! But certainly not for Lawrence!  While it remains unclear whether or not Lawrence did introduce his new boyfriend to Stone and Hault, but sources speculate it’s must’ve been a brief introduction – especially since Lawrence revealed how she’s still friends and in good terms with all her exes. So Maroney meeting Lawrence’s exes now and then may happen anytime soon.

The Move In

After spending the holidays together, the couple reportedly started the year 2019 with a blast as they decided to move in along. It got the fans speculating they’re taking their relationship to the next level. Not only that, but their love and romance are very “serious” since they’re already thinking of their future together.

The Official Engagement

The couple also spent their first Christmas Holidays together while being happy and in love.

According to sources, Maroney’s engagement proposal took place at Italian II Buco while the couple was dining in this upscale restaurant in New York City.

Just this month, Page Six announced that Lawrence and Maroney got engaged early this year. The source said as they spotted Lawrence wearing a “massive ring” while enjoying a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend while dining at a French restaurant. The said festive occasion was due to Lawrence saying “yes” to Maroney’s wedding proposal. Jennifer’s representative then confirmed the said engagement.

A Dream Come True

The fans were undoubtedly ecstatic when they heard the engagement confirmation – especially Lawrence’s fans since they knew how the actress feels when it comes to marriage. In a 2015 interview, Lawrence admitted to Diane Sawyer how she didn’t have a plan to get married anytime soon. However, if she’ll get married, she wants to become a mother.

She also answered a follow-up question during an interview with Vague about how she couldn’t wait to see the day where she’ll get married. If she’s lucky enough to find the right person to spend the rest of her life with, she wants him to be the father of her children. Lawrence also revealed she’ll do her best to become the best wife and mother to her future husband and family.

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