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Launching IHG’s 200th Hotel In Shanghai To Wow Guests

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®), a company that competes among top industries, recently unveiled the big launching of its new hotel, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland. This would bring the total number of hotels under this company to 200, spread across the world.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is controlled by IHG®, while Shimao Group constructed it. The hotel stands tall by the wall situated on a site that was once used for quarry works, Shanghai Southwest. For opulence, ISW provides comfort worthy of bliss, expanding 88metres beneath the surface.

Shanghai is beautified with InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts.

ISW was recognized by Geographic Channel’s MegaStructures consecutions, as being among the best architectural inventions in the world, because of its spearheading designs in architecture.

Decades of hospitality

In 1946, Juan Trippe, the aviation explorer, established InterContinental Hotels & Resorts. Since then, this brand has been at the leading spot in the affluent hospitality sector, spanning decades of excellence with a developing and expansive system of rare hotels, as well as resorts situated at amazing spots worldwide. The recently constructed InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland incorporates IHG®’s extravagant signature with state-of-the-art designs placed in a magnificent rare spot. It gives an extraordinary feeling which is meant to transform the global hospitality frontier for a long time.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is situated 20m from the city.


The famous British company that specializes in architectural works, Atkins, controlled the structural beauty of the elegant hotel. Atkins also joined hands with JADE+OA, a global architectural studio, owned by Martin Jochman, who once worked at Atkins, to manage its constructions.

In a bid to keep its style of providing maximum quality services to guests, as well as offering fascinating experiences at various locations, ISW deals in standard facilities known only to the IHG® brand. The InterContinental Concierge, which won an award sometimes ago, uses the unique technique of the company ‘In-the-Know”, and it has a sequence of ministered encounters of assisting visitors to uncover the wonders and luster of their final destinations.

Under the water of pleasure and splendor

Placed directly atop the water surface, precisely at the rock-processing quarry site, the Club InterContinental hotspot provides a variety of private services and privileges to the guests.

The just-completed hotel stands side-by-side with Tianma Pit inside Sheshan Mountain Range, often sub-terrestrial, and two landings atop the ground, but 16 beneath, as well as two landings underneath the water. Singularly created to show state-of-the-art opulence and the uncommon quarry site traits at their best, every room, totaling 336, and the suites offer adequate, extraordinary co-habiting spaces, incorporating amazing sceneries of cliffs and waterfalls in the serene environment.

The charming underwater height gives two levels that usually leave guests in wonder: the water-level floored decks that accommodate the outside bedroom and terrace. The living rooms built under the water are enclosed in an aquamarine where visitors are encompassed by a variety of fish species. The rooms in the hotel, located below the basement, are equipped with 24/7 butler serviceability, to guarantee a hitch-free lodging experience for the guests and make them feel at home.

Standing magnificently at 300 ft. in an old quarry site, ISW has 18 landings, 16 built deep beneath the ground.

The Chief Marketing Officer at Greater China, IHG, Lin Wang, says the brand is glad once more to collaborate with its counterpart, Shimao Group, in the launching of InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, an inventive architectural monument that reflects beauty and glamor among its peers when it comes to the international hospitality sector.

IHG makes it a point of duty to retain its unparalleled development since 1984 when it was introduced into the booming economic market of China. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland unveiling begins a critical milestone in China’s strategic growth and progressively strengthens the country’s affluent profile, explains Wang. The unique encounters and signature services prove that InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is poised to embraced visitors into a charming bliss and surreal awe, calling on everybody to visit the place and bask in the euphoria of the fun-filled life present therein.

A place for everyone to enjoy

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, the foremost and biggest international affluent hotels and travels brand, is known for its culture of making visitors happy, with more newly established international travel locations for many years, such as city vantage points, historic monuments, and submerging resorts at every point around the world. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland represents the unmatched culture of style, sophistication, and service. ISW is created to provide exceptional comfort for visitors, and it remains unique in its dedication to being the choicest destination where people all over the world coming to China’s capital of economy would wish to stop by.

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