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Most Luxurious Camping Sites – You’ll Might Need A Summer Camp Software To Keep Track

You might not think about camping and associate it with luxury linen and some of the facilities provided by luxury hotels of the world, but as more and more rich, famous and successful people want to escape to nature without losing their luxurious amenities, the world of glamping became real. In countries all over the world, you can find glamping sites with more luxury and style than you’d find in most homes. Get ready to say goodbye to pitching your tent in a waterlogged field as the rain pours down on you, and say hello to some of the finest luxury camping sites you’re likely to ever see or dream about.

Kichwa Tembo Tented Safari Camp: Masai Mara, Kenya

Depending on the health of your bank account, the Kichwa Tembo Tented Safari Camp might be just what you need. It’s a unique and luxurious way to experience to nature of Kenya as you take part in safari activities. Prices vary depending on the package you choose, but the classic tent option starts at $330 per person per night and goes all the way up to $5,044 – which includes flight packages, tours, accommodation and more.

El Capitan Canyon: Santa Barbara, California

If you want to enjoy camping with style then look no further than El Capitan Canyon. It consists of five yurts and 26 cabins and it screams comfort. There’s a heated swimming pool, a private shower, and bathroom facilities and there’s a choice of either a queen bed or two doubles. You can get the comfort of a hotel resort out in the wild for an average rate of $425 per night. That’s sure to hurt your bank account!

Hintok River Camp: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

You’ll be spoiled for sights and nature at the Hintok River Camp in Kanchanaburi. The glamping site boasts air conditioning, rustic furniture, a natural spring pool and canoe tours down the river. Every tent has its own ensuite bathroom and depending on the time of year (high or low season) you can stay here without needing a bank loan. Prices start at around $95 and go up to roughly $230.

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