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A New Royal Baby Will Be Born In Spring 2019

Last April, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her third and youngest child, Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge. This technically means that he will be in line from the throne as well, coming next to his older sister Princess Charlotte, older brother Prince George, father Prince William, and grandfather Prince Charles.

This also means that Prince William’s brother, Prince Harry would be pushed to the sixth line on the throne. Then again, the Queen is actually waiting for another grandchild, but this time from the newlyweds, The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan, who tied the knot with Prince Harry last May, is announced to be expecting a baby for the very first time.

A New Royal Baby On The Way

It was last May when American actress Meghan Markle, got married to Prince Harry in a fairytale wedding ceremony in St.George Chapel at the Windsor Castle. Just a few months after their big wedding, the two are reportedly expecting a baby. The official Twitter page of the Kensington Palace announced last Monday that the Duchess of Sussex is expecting and is due in Spring of next year.

It was also said on the tweet that the royal couple is very grateful to all who wish them well and appreciate everyone’s support. According to sources, Meghan is around 12-weeks and is actually feeling really well. The couple is in Australia right now for an official visit, and it would seem that Meghan is taking the pregnancy well compared to the Duchess of Cambridge, who had suffered from severe nausea in all of her early stages of pregnancy.

In a statement that has also been released by the Kensington Palace via Twitter, Duchess Meghan’s mother Gloria Ragland is very happy about the news and that she simply cannot wait to meet her very first grandchild. The Queen, as well as Prince Charles, are said to be very pleased as well with the news of having to welcome another member of the family coming next year.
It is expected of course that the royal couple would not be revealing the gender of the baby until birth, however, this is actually up to them since they are known to not follow the traditional royal protocol. It is also not certain whether the Duchess of Sussex would want to give birth to the Lindo Wing of the St. Mary’s Hospital in London. This is where Princess Diana gave birth to Princes William and Harry so did Duchess Kate with her three children.

Meghan Stole Shine From Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

There are some speculations that the Duchess was actually being insensitive by announcing her pregnancy just days after Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Princess Eugenie is actually Prince William and Prince Harry’s first cousin since her dad and Prince Charles are both Queen Elizabeth II’s sons. The princess got married last weekend to Jack Brooksbank at St. George’s Chapel and most of the royal family are able to attend. It was rumored that Duchess Meghan told the other royal members of the family that she was pregnant.

A few days later, it was the publicly announced that she was indeed expecting. It then seems as if the people are still gushing about Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding but the spotlight was stolen from her because of the announcement. This then led to the princess’ mother, Sarah Ferguson, trying to bring the spotlight back to her daughter by sharing pictures of the wedding on her official Twitter page. The Duchess of York also shared some photos of her in her reception dress and revealed that she is indeed very pleased to welcome her son-in-law in the family.


These tweets came out just less than an hour after the Kensington Palace posted the announcement so people speculated that Ferguson felt like the shine was stolen from her daughter. Some royal fans felt the news cycle change, and it was revealed that Princess Eugenie actually had to give way to her cousin Prince Harry since they were actually planning on getting married before the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex.

However, the Kensington Palace neither confirmed nor denied that there is any bad intentions on the pregnancy announcement. People then started to post tweets about the new Duchess being a little too insensitive and wanting all the attention to hers.

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