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Renowned British Royal Couples Attend the Famed Armed Forces’ Charity Awards

When we talk about being a royal, we often visualize them as noble men and women attending lavish dinner parties, living in beautiful palaces and while walking hand-in-hand with their stunning price or princess. However their life isn’t all shine and sparkle, and the royals themselves make sure to give back to the community and support their people as much as they can.

The event was by the Endeavour Fund, which has supported injured people who gave service for seven years now.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle attended the Endeavor Fund event which has been supporting men in uniform for more than seven years now

One such example is how Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, went and attended an event of the British Armed Forces. It was a charity gathering where the recipients of the accumulated funds were the servicemen and women who got injured while fulfilling their duty.

Endeavour Fund

The renowned investigative journalist and author of several books, Ross Kemp hosted the said event. Kemp is known to be quite active when it comes to his causes and giving back to the community.

Ross Kemp has also been active in the political scene, not having any doubts about supporting those who espoused the same beliefs as him.

Ross Kemp has also been active in the political scene, expressing his vocal support to political figures who share the same beliefs and principles like him

Prince Harry, who has also funded the event, and Meghan Markle were not the only ones who attended the Endeavor Fund event to show their support for the soldiers. They did this together with Harry’s older brother William, alongside his wife, Duchess Kate. Since its official launch in 2012, Endeavor Fund has helped more than 5,000 soldiers by covering their medical bills and providing on-care support to those who are in need. 

A Royal Foundation

The Royal Foundation was first established in 2009 by the Prince brothers, Harry and William as they expressed how they wanted to work in charities to support and give back to their people. Since then, the Royal Foundation serves as their medium to launch charitable events for their causes and to give back to their community. Together with their wives, the two royal couples became the patrons of the group. Duchess Kate and Meghan also welcomed their new roles, and they have been doing their utmost best to help in any way they can.

The Royal Foundation continues to raise charitable events to build multiple sources of funds to support their causes, as well as providing project support to any charitable institution they find worthy. Their latest partnership includes collaborating with Fields in Trust and ARK.

The Royal Foundation has also partnered with The Forces in Mind back in 2012 to support former UK military people, as well as their families.

The Royal Foundation has also partnered with The Forces in Mind back in 2012 to support veteran British soldiers as well as their families.

In March 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge once again showed their generosity by setting up a crowdsourcing fund. Instead of the public lavishing them with gifts for their wedding, they encouraged everyone to donate money and channel it to the charities they supported instead. 

Their actions were well-received, to say the least, as the funds, they raised enabled the couple to support their chosen charities. These charities included those who supported children, the armed forces, the elderly, sports, art, and conservation.

Other Charities

Although the Royals have been making use of the Royal Foundation for their medium of change, they also support other charities. All in all, Prince William alone has been advocating more than 20 charities of his choice. 

Some of these include the African Wildlife Foundation, Elephant Family, and UNICEF. Despite these charities operating well outside of England, the Duke of Cambridge makes full use of his power and resources to do what he can to help others, even those beyond his borders.

And since we mentioned her two sons, it would be remiss for us to neglect to talk about the two princes’ mother, the late Duchess Diana, Princess of Wales. There was a charity established under her name, aptly called Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, and it is a foundation which gives grants to humanitarian organizations, which Diana was in full support of during her living years.

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