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Royal Family Shares Picture of Archie’s Christening and Makes a Huge Mistake

We have come to know the British royal family as symbolic of the most perfect family in existence, however, they are also prone to making some mistakes here and there. After all, they are still human. While the mistake we are referring to might not necessarily have been made by a member of the royal household, it is still somewhat embarrassing.

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People around the world love to stay up-to-date with news regarding the British royal family.

It all happened when the royal family made an official announcement of young Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s christening on its social media handles. Everything had gone according to plan, whereby the christening had taken place as per the schedule and the family had gotten together for a pre-planned photo shoot. However, when it came to sharing details of the event with the entire world, they mixed up one tiny detail.

The Mix-Up

Although the majority of us wouldn’t even have noticed such a mistake on our own, mostly due to our lack of knowledge about the royal family or simply lack of attention to detail, but there are some people who have been following the royals for a very long time and pay very close attention to all the information shared by them. In doing so, they have become very good at spotting mistakes.

And spot a mistake they did. While analysing the pictures shared by the royals, showing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their new-born son and surrounded by family, the observers noticed that the caption associated with the picture, which basically listed names of the individuals in the picture according to their standing position, was slightly incorrect when it came to mentioning the late-Princess Diana’s sisters.

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Both Harry and Meghan looked absolutely stunning during the christening of their son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

Including His Aunts

In an effort to improve the involvement of his family on the maternal side, Prince Harry decided to include both his aunts, Lady Jane Fellowes as well as Lady Sarah McCorquodale, in the official picture of Archie’s christening, and this decision was welcomed by spectators around the globe. However, people like Victoria Arbiter, who have been commentating on all the happenings in the royal family for quite some time now, were quick to notice that something was not right.

According to Arbiter, while the picture got the names of Prince Harry’s aunts correctly, they incorrectly mentioned the places they were standing at in the back row. The caption posted by the royal family handle on Twitter said that Lady Sarah is standing next to Doria Ragland, who is Meghan Markle’s mother, while Lady Jane is standing next to The Duke of Cambridge. In actuality, it is the other way around, whereby Lady Jane is standing next to Doria while Lady Sarah is standing next to Prince William.

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Princess Diana shared a close bond with her sisters, and hence her children also hold their aunts in high regard.

But the press release released by Buckingham Palace does not make this error, so it’s most likely the fault of their Twitter operator. However, it’s interesting to see these two ladies in this photograph, which is also supposed to feature Archie’s godparents whose identities have not yet been revealed. Although common sense dictates that perhaps Harry’s aunts have been named as Archie’s godparents, but only time will confirm this theory.


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