See Who Among Our Celebrities Are Great Athletes

Even Celebrities Can Be Great Athletes Who Excelled In Their Chosen Sports

We admire celebrities for their impressive skills in their chosen career, the looks that they have, and the status symbol that they represent. Their fame and fortune have brought glamor and prestige that people can’t help but admire and emulate. They’ve reached success because they know how to play and win in their game, and we always feel a certain amount of thrill and satisfaction seeing them do what they do best in their respective careers. But did you know that their winning streak is also evident in the field of sports?

They’ve reached success because they know how to play and win in their game.

Amazingly, we have celebs who derive a huge sense of fulfillment from sports activities that they love to do and at which they excel. What more could we ask for from these well-admired stars who happen to do a lot better as athletes than we do in their chosen sports? Get inspired by their activities and see for yourself what they enjoy playing.


Tom Cruise  

The Hollywood A-lister actor-producer- filmmaker-director all rolled into one has always been athletic even during his younger years. He loves and plays soccer, wrestling, and fencing, to name some, and is one actor who prefers to do his own stunts. Even now in his 50s, Cruise continues to quench his athletic thirst by staying active and involved in the sports that he enjoys doing. It is not surprising, therefore, that he prepares for each action film intensely and spend long hours training to get into character. Indeed, he is one winning athlete behind the highly respected actor that he is.

George Clooney

Here is another A-lister and an international superstar who has always been athletic. As a high school student, Clooney did very well in and was enthusiastic about baseball and basketball. In fact, growing up, he initially planned on having a career as a pro athlete. He was invited asked to try out for the Cincinnati Reds when he was a teenager. Though he didn’t make it to the team, what he would become in the future would bring him everything that he could hope for when it came to success, fame, and wealth.

Emma Watson

The extremely smart and talented actress, best known for her Hermoine Granger role in Harry Potter film series, is also a jock. Growing up, Watson played field hockey and was part of the team at Brown University. The young achiever has always wanted to be an actress even at the age of six. That says a lot about a person who clearly knows what she wants in life and does what she can to reach her goals. Now, she not only acts but also does modeling and activism. These are aside from her being a certified teacher of meditation and yoga. With all her achievements early in her life, it’s no wonder why she excels in whatever she pursues.

Celebrity Athletes

Matthew Perry

Friends star and funny man Perry was born and grew up in Canada before he moved to the United States to start his acting career. What many people may not know is that back when he was a teenager, he was a nationally ranked tennis player. He didn’t pursue a professional career in the sports because he realized that he could not depend on it to make a living.  A great decision, we should all say, because his acting career soared and brought upon him popularity and a truly comfortable way of living. Perry still plays tennis during leisure time and for certain charity tournaments from time to time.

Matthew McConaughey

To say that the Texan native actor is athletic would be an understatement. For who can make a mistake in saying that the actor has not had any sports in his life? His sun-kissed, all-year-round tan is a clear evidence of his love of surfing, for one thing. Back in high school, he got a great dose of vitamin D by playing tennis and golf and being in teams of both sports. He did well in the romantic, drama, and action films that he did such as The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Failure to Launch, Amistad, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, and a host of other projects that showcased his versatility. In recent years, McConaughey also took part whenever he could on triathlons, which is not surprising at all for someone who is as fit as he is.


Hugh Jackman

The Australian actor has gained international popularity for his roles in a variety of films such as X-Men film series, Van Helsing, Kate & Leopold, The Fountain, and the famed Les Miserables. Jackman may not be into a particular kind of sports, but he tries to strictly maintain his strong athletic frame, especially in preparation for any movie. He studied martial arts and packed in a lot of muscles to get into his Wolverine role. It looks like he’s aging gracefully now that he’s pushing 50, and one would think that he has always been a sportsman for taking care of his physique.

Dean Cain

The Lois & Clark:  The New Adventures of Superman actor and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! host did so well in sports during high school. He played volleyball and football when he attended college at Princeton University and hoped for a professional career in pro football after graduation. Unfortunately, a knee injury he sustained during training camp prevented him from pursuing this goal. Instead, he turned his attention to acting and screenwriting. He is still active in the entertainment industry, enjoying several hats of an actor, producer, writer, director, and TV host.

Channing Tatum

He not only knows how to dance but he also your hunk of an athlete who is very good at anything he does. Tatum was a great athlete who excelled in basketball, baseball, soccer and track-and-field. As is this wasn’t enough; he also does martial arts. The G.I. Joe star was voted the most athletic student when he graduated high school and went to college on a football scholarship, which unfortunately did not finish because he had to work. Interestingly, he became a stripper and soon found his way into Hollywood.  His muscular build and moves, combined with his good-looking face and natural acting style make for a package that is truly bankable in the entertainment industry.


Jamie Foxx

The actor has proven his range by being able to act in drama and action films, sing like Ray Charles, and dance as the role would require him to. The multi-awarded actor and Grammy Award-winning musician-producer was a basketball player and a quarterback of the football team when he was in high school. He even had dreams of playing for the Dallas Cowboys when he was younger. But his plan of becoming a professional athlete was overpowered by his love of music and eventually, acting. The talented actor-comedian-musician did not waste any time putting his interests and skills into perfect use, and he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his dedication to his craft.

Josh Duhamel

The actor used to play quarterback at North Dakota’s Minot State University. He admitted in one interview that if he were not into acting, he would have seriously pursued a career in professional football because of his love of the sports, next to a dream of becoming a dentist. As years passed, however, he realized that he didn’t have what it takes to become are real pro football player and also didn’t continue his dental school. He set his sights elsewhere and started an acting career. Duhamel’s overall physique and good looks have proven to be a great help in landing him memorable TV roles such as in All My Children and Las Vegas, and film portrayals in various action and romance movies.

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