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Surprising Stories Of Overnight Millionaires

Being affluent is a thought that everyone has in mind. Wealth and comfort can bring all the joys and enable you to purchase anything you desire.  However, it can also bring uneasiness and anxiety both of which can be difficult to handle. Most people look for shortcuts to work for them in an attempt to become wealthy.

People may talk about how they became rich and be proud of things that worked for them. On most occasions, they do not realize they need to maintain their heads on the ground if they intend to manage their overnight success. Below are remarkable stories of overnight millionaires who managed to lead humble lives.

 “ ‘Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind’ was born out of my own journey of self-discovery within both my personal and professional life.”T. Harv Eker


This lady is 59 years old. She developed the Finder’s Key Purse an application that allows people to locate their lost keys. Sandy is a former flight attendant. 

Sandy Stein presently owns a Lexus, has embarked on numerous world tours and has also celebrated the fifth anniversary of the company with his staff in Las Vegas. She quit his job as a flight attendant to run the company and is working five days a week. She is also a philanthropist and strongly advises people to set money aside for difficult times. Sandy is, however, skeptical about the scenario and wonders how it may alter the life he presently has.

 Tracy Howe 

Tracy and her husband Peter Kraft disposed of their software for college recruitment for a huge sum exceeding millions of dollars. She had been working for GoalQuest for eight years when she decided to sell the company.

Tracy got engaged in activities that are common among overnight millionaires. She purchased horses, invested money for the education of her children and also brought a property at Hamptons. She is presently is involved in a social philanthropy network called SequentialT. Tracy advises people to remain patient when they have too much or too little. She, however, maintains that it feels great to treat yourselves initially. Tracy insists on proper planning and management as they are essential for the financial security.

 Marv Doniger 

Marv is a retired management consultant apart from being an author. He collected $3.3 million from a medical lawsuit when medicinal physician failed to properly diagnose his cancer. After receiving the cash, he retired from his position as a management consultant for Fortune 500-classified companies.  Marv did not consider investing in items. Instead, he just decided to purchase two poodles and a car with the money he received. He also initiated a trust firm for his grandchildren.

Marv believes that when people receive large amounts of money, they are left with two choices. These include satisfying their short-term hunger or investing in long-term goals. He emphasizes the importance of having the financial security to deal with unpredictable crises through proper planning and management.

Dave Gehle 

The lottery is famous in Nebraska, and Dave won $365 million in 2006. At that time, he was working at ConAgra Foods. After acquiring the wealth, he continued with his life without making any changes to his lifestyle. He continued living in the same house while also working with the job. Dave later quit the job after some time to help neighbors during the winters.

Dave has mentioned that with all the money in the pocket resisting the temptation to spend can be difficult. He adds that there is need to plan and execute investments.

 These are a few stories of real people who had the fortune of turning and millionaires overnight. The money they received certainly created the power they needed to indulge in activities of their choice. While it must be admitted that these people were cautious in exercising the power they had to chose to be different from various other millionaires who do not hesitate to flaunt their wealth.

These people proved to the world that they could exist as ordinary individuals despite receiving the honor of being listed among overnight millionaires.

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