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Thousands Are Appealing Time Magazine to Make Keanu Reeves Person of the Year for a Bizarre Reason

In the entertainment industry, the popularity of the actor plays a huge role in determining whether a project is profitable or not.

That is why famous actors and actresses are cast in TV shows and films at a large premium simply because they can pull a large audience to the screen through their star power. Actor Keanu Reeves is no stranger to this phenomenon.

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Keanu Reeves enjoys more fame than many Hollywood celebrities

Reeves has had a huge fan following since he appeared in The Matrix films. There is no doubt that the actor is phenomenal when it comes to delivering a flawless performance on screen.

Reeves becomes the character that he is portraying, and this quality makes him one of the best in Hollywood. But that is not the only reason people love him.

A Good Person

In addition to his exceptional performances, Reeves has also become very famous for being a good human being. His many acts of kindness have become known after being widely shared on social media, and naturally, his fans are now making an appeal with Time Magazine to name their favorite human being Person of the Year.

Fans believe the actor deserves this honor for having such a positive impact on the world, both for entertaining millions of people around the world with his performances and for being a genuinely kind individual. As a result, they have started multiple petitions on the website to convince the publication.

Fans Make Petitions

And these petitions have gained a lot of traction, as Reeves’ fans from around the world have signed to make their voice heard. A petition, which was started around a week ago, has been able to gather more than 33K signatures on it. In this petition, the description called Reeves the most wholesome individual currently in existence.

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If presented with the opportunity, fans cannot resist taking a picture with Reeves

Similarly, a Spanish petition had also been created on the website, which highlighted some more personality traits of the actor such as his modesty and human quality, justifying his recognition by the magazine. This petition has been able to gather more than 2500 signatures.

The Buzz on Social Media

Social media has also been abuzz with fans tagging the magazine and requesting the Person of the Year award for him.

Twitter is a prime example of this fact. Although the tweets don’t highlight why people believe Reeves should be getting such recognition, they are simply calling Reeves the most deserving of it.

One tweet even went so far as to call Reeves the person of the year even if he is not officially recognized by the magazine.

The Criteria

The criteria followed by Time Magazine is simple: editors working for the magazine select an individual/group/entity who has had an impact of the most profound nature on the world in the past year. The announcement about the nomination is made in the month of December.

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Individuals like the Pope, who have had a massive impact on the world, are often named Person of the Year by Time Magazine

Usually, the nomination is of a political figure or someone with a lot of influence in the world such as Pope Francis. A figure from Hollywood seldom makes the cut, but Reeves may just change that fact.

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