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Weird Yet Impressive Things You Still May Not Know about Meghan Markle that Her Friends Spilled

Most of us who are fascinated with Meghan Markle and fixated on her personal life, have been relying on hearsays and anonymous sources which are not exactly that credible. But, who can blame us, there hasn’t been a lot of confirmed information about the Duchess of Sussex, but luckily, people who have known her for a long time have been constantly giving us details about her that are able to describe a bit more how she really is in a more personal level when it comes to fashion, food, and family.


Meghan has long been a fashionista, even before she officially became a royal member, that’s why she has been pitted against Kate Middleton who is stylish, too, oftentimes comparing their outfit choices. The former “Suits” actress’ ensembles in her royal duties have been notably on point and well put together, which may make you think that there’s a good stylist behind the personality.

Meghan Markle remains her own stylist

But, according to her friend, makeup artist Daniel Martin, the only one to thank for the royal’s incredible wardrobe choices is Meghan herself. That said, it is safe to say that being fashionable is innate for the mom of Archie Harrison.

High and Low Fashion

Being stylish doesn’t always mean pricey pieces, but Meghan’s clothing purchases have sparked controversy, especially during her pregnancy. It was reported that her maternity wardrobe totaled a whopping $632,000, seven times more than that of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Take note that this estimation by Love the Sales search engine was released in March, which means the bill didn’t stop there because she just gave birth on May 6.

She was praised for the cheap pieces she sported

While people slammed Meghan for her expensive taste in clothes, one of the priciest being the $13,200-Oscar de la Renta dress she stunned in October at the Geographic Society Awards, she must be commended for proving that she also has a fondness for low fashion.

The 37-year-old once sported an H&M beige maternity dress that had a $35-price tag – it didn’t matter anyway since it seemed that she could rock any type of clothing whether cheap or expensive. After all, she’s an expert in mixing designers with low fashion as revealed by Harper’s Bazaar’s Jessica Matlin.

Wedding Make-up Trials

Most brides and their makeup artists would meet at least a day before the much-awaited event to try on looks for the celebration, but for Meghan who has a very talented make-up artist friend Daniel, she had to consult her wedding makeup look via text. As her pal revealed, they couldn’t find the time to meet because their schedules didn’t jive – the gal was already in London while he was then traveling a lot.

Meghan Markle had to consult with her friend via text

How did they do it? It sounds impossible but thanks to years of friendship, Daniel already had an idea of what Meghan would want to look like for her big day. He said that the advantage was that he already knows the bride’s sense of style plus the fact that she’s going to wear a white dress, so he sent photos to her for inspiration.

But despite these, the make-up artist had to take into consideration different locations that needed to complement her look, like inside the car or on the streets, and the fact that it was televised for the whole world to see.

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