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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s Relationship Is Confusing Their Fans

Celebrities are known to have the most complicated lives, that privacy is considered to be a privilege and it is usually not given to them since that’s just part of their careers. As a public figure they know that there may be boundaries but things will either escalate or the truth will simply come out.

That is why it can be very difficult for them to keep things from the public especially when it comes relationships and pregnancy. The past year was pretty eventful, some celebrity couples decided to tie the knot, but unfortunately there are also some who decided that it is best for them to part ways. However, there are is one celebrity couple who leaves the public a little confused as to where do they actually stand.

Together or Not

It was last March when reports scattered that model Gigi Hadid are in really good terms with Zayn Malik despite their breakup . The two ended things briefly by announcing it in their respective social media accounts. Just a couple of weeks after the said breakup, rumors started spreading about how they are hanging out once more and are most likely back together.

The singer and former One Direction member has always been so private especially when it comes to his relationships, including the one with Hadid. The most recent update their fans had from their relationship is when the model posted a permanent grid last October. The last time they were spotted by the paparazzi was when Hadid was wearing a necklace that has ‘Zayn’ on it.

When Malik released his album in December, he had a party and his girlfriend was expected to be there by Hadid was nowhere to be found that night, and that is something that the press immediately noticed. This wasn’t supposed to be a major deal but the singer also didn’t make an appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York in November, where Hadid went up to the runway.

As a celebrity couple who was known to be all sweet on social media, they were also expected to have holidays photos together or with each other’s families but there were none in either of their accounts. This is where breakup rumors fueled and speculations say that the either the two broke up quietly, they are just taking some time off from one another, or that they simply don’t want to have their relationship public anymore.

Some magazines that talk about the two speculate that they may still be together since they still follow each other on Instagram and Twitter. When a celebrity couple breaks up, they will usually unfollow one another almost right away and that ends up being the answer to everyone’s questions even if they didn’t exactly confirm it directly.

So it is most likely that they simply don’t want to have their relationship as if it’s everyone’s business, and would like to keep it as private as they can. Most celebrity relationships who are usually very public end up in marriage or parting ways, either way, it is just like normal people’s relationships, just a bit more difficult with the public’s judgments.

Relationship Breakdown

It has been such an easy journey for these two, that is because their relationship started not long after Zayn left his band as well as his fiancé at that time, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, while Hadid just got out of a relationship with Joe Jonas. It was such a struggle since the people saw Hadid as a reason for the breakup or just a total rebound. Hollywood drama can totally make everything out of the norm. The two were first seen together in 2015, and sources said that they were casually hanging out, and it wasn’t until 2016 when they admitted they were dating.

Their first major breakup was in 2018 when they made similar statements on their Instagram and Twitter accounts regarding their love and care for each other despite them separating ways. In an interview with GQ, Malik subtly admitted that they were back together, by saying that they don’t need to put a label on things since they were both adults and they simply don’t want people to expect a lot of things from their relationship.

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