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Zuckerberg Is Investing MILLIONS in Hawaii for a Very Surprising Reason

When you are as rich as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder/CEO of the social networking website Facebook, then there is nothing you value more than privacy.

While you may think he enjoys complete privacy in the comfort of his own home, thanks to technology, those wanting to take a peek into the billionaire’s private life can easily do so with camera drones and similar long-distance photography gadgets.

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Mark Zuckerberg has become ultra rich due to the success of Facebook and other businesses associated with it such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

But Zuckerberg has the perfect solution to keep any unwanted attention at bay: huge boundary walls. His recently bought house in Hawaii, in the Lake Tahoe region to be precise, came under controversy because of its 6-ft walls, as neighbors of the property complained that the wall blocked their view of the coast.

Investing In Hawaii

As the 8th richest man in the world, Zuckerberg obviously has a lot of money to invest, and there are only a few safer investments than real estate. The young billionaire has invested hundreds of millions in the Hawaiian real estate, purchasing a property spread over 750-acres on the Kaua’i island’s northern shore, which includes two sub-sections: an area of 357-acres which was previously a sugarcane plantation, and a beach with white-sand on it spread over an area of 393-acres.

The total cost of this entire property was around $100 million in 2014 when Zuckerberg had made the purchase. According to reports received by Forbes, the billionaire planned on developing only a single house on the purchased land. Zuckerberg has added land worth $45 million to his existing real estate portfolio since then.

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Both Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla are going to have a very nice time inside their private Hawaiian property.

More Features

Zuckerberg certainly has a good eye when it comes to buying properties. His land purchases in Hawaii also includes an organic farm which is home to various types of crops, such as papaya, turmeric, and also ginger. Of course, all this was planned for a much larger population.

According to brochures, which were in circulation to market the property before Zuckerberg purchased it, a total of around 80 homes were planned to be built on it. All of the adjoining services, including the organic farm, were supposed to benefit them. However, now everything is there for the sole benefit of Zuckerberg’s house.

According to The Garden Island, which is a newspaper circulating in Kaua’i, the planned house is supposed to have two bedrooms, which is shocking considering the huge area that Zuckerberg owns. The entire home building is planned to be constructed on an area of around 6100 sq. ft.

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The size of the land is big enough to offer enough privacy to Zuckerberg.

A separated complex for a garage is also planned, while a dedicated administration building, which would include the security HQ and offices for key-card access, will also be constructed, according to the plans devised for the construction.

Privacy is of utmost importance to him, which became evident to us in the year 2013 when he purchased the four properties attached to his own Palo Alto one for the sole purpose of not having any neighbors. This makes his home in Hawaii even more attractive to him as its vast spaces ensure that no neighbor is able to peek into his private life.

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