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13 The Most Attractive Jobs in 2017

When you are unemployed, a good thing to know is which jobs are wanted the most. For every single job it is important to know how much people do it, are there any available positions, and how much are they paid for it.

Here are the top 13 jobs in 2017 which can help you a lot with your decision.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

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This is a really good job – with only 0.4% unemployment rate and 16,000 job openings, you will have really big chance to start working. If we mention that median salary is near $70,000, we know what you will think about this. We also have to add that the job requires knowledge about sonography equipment for capturing images for different medical purposes, such as defining baby gender or picturing tumors inside the body.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist helps their patients recover from certain conditions in order to perform everyday tasks. To get a license, you will have to earn a master’s degree and pass board examinations, but it will be worth it! The median salary for occupational therapists is $80,000, and the unemployed rate is only 1.3%. If we may add – there are 30,500 job openings – you can be positive to get a job with this degree.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurse monitors a patient’s condition, performs many medical procedures, and administers medicines. With only 1.5% unemployment rate and even 440,000 expected job openings this year, this really may become a dream job for you. The median salary is $68,000, and you can get in with a bachelor degree.


A mathematician can work in a wide range of math-related jobs, such as teaching, research, scientific writing, and many other. The unemployment rate is only 0.8%, and the median salary goes to $111,000! If you enjoy working with numbers, this is definitely a job for you!


Psychiatrists are specialized in diagnosing and treating problems related to the mental health and patient’s mind. In order to become a psychiatrist, you must have a medical school degree and some other specialized training certificates, but if we mention that the median salary goes even above $187,000 and that unemployment rate is 1.2%, it will certainly mean a lot!


Anesthesiologists administer anesthesia to patients and monitor their conditions during the operation. Before becoming an anesthesiologist, you must complete medical school and have other specialized training. Their median salary goes above $187,000, and the unemployment rate is only 1.7%.

Physical therapist

A physical therapist helps their patients to fight the physical injuries or problems and manage pain. In order to become a physical therapist, you must have a doctor’s or physical therapy degree, as well as some additional certificates. Their median salary is $85,000 and the unemployment rate 1.1%.

Nurse Midwife

A nurse-midwife is trained specialist who diagnoses and coordinates the birthing process for her patients. They may also provide additional services for clients, such as gynecological checkups or similar things. Their median salary is $92,000 and unemployment rate only 0.7%.


Surgeons undertake complicated operations on patients in order to prevent or treat diseases, injuries, or other similar issues. Medical school is a must, as well as specialized training afterward. Their median salary is above $187,000 and the unemployment rate 0.6%.

Software Developer

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Here is one job which has nothing to do with medicine. It is really popular and well-paid job. Their median salary is around $100,000, and the unemployment rate is near 2%. Still, you don’t necessarily have to own a degree in order to be a good programmer. The most important thing is to have strong programming skills – and that is enough to start doing this job. Just learn those programs, and you will be able to work as a freelancer.


An optometrist is specialized in eye care and prescribes glasses or contact lenses. You have to have a medical school degree or Optometry program license. The median salary is $103,000, and the unemployment rate is 1.6%.


These doctors deal with children and their everyday conditions – growth, diseases. They deal with kids up to 15 years of age. In order to become a pediatrician, medical school is necessary, as well as additional specialized training. Their median salary goes up to $170,000, and the unemployment rate is 0.6%.


Orthodontists are specialized to straighten teeth and align bites. They have to own dental school diploma and have additional specialized training for this job. Their median salary is above $187,000 with 0.1% of the unemployment rate.

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