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‘1883’: All you need to know about the latest ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel Series

After Yellowstone‘s remarkable successful season three, Paramount+ announced a prequel series over the Dutton family and their origins in Montana. Coming out on Dec 2021 the show takes you on a ride through history by running back the clock to the year 1883 where we take a peek into the life of Mr. Dutton and understand why he’s the way he is.

Emslichter/ pixabay | American cinematic history has a long history of producing masterpieces that portray true American history

The American audience still retains a love for the wild-west genre

The early days of American cinema drew in a lot of audiences to watch cowboys in the wild west. They were the superheroes of that generation. The generations that have followed have grown to love the ‘American-ness’ of these movies. Watching men struggle through good and evil in a world where there is no rule of law. High-grossing movies like Quentin Tarantino’s Django which was largely set in the wild-west drew high praise from around the world. There’s a certain romance that the audience has with watching historically placed dramas that cannot be replaced.

Yes, the theme of the ‘wild-west’ has been overused and you would think that there’s really no story left to tell there. But that’s where you’re wrong. The show has made sure that despite the cliched theme, there is still an enthralling story to tell.

The cast and crew have also mentioned that if making the show has been difficult for them as actors, one can only imagine how tough life was back in the day. The show takes you back into the harshness and the fight for survival that our ancestors had to face to find their place in the world. For many of the actors, this has been a revelation, and they hope the audience will find it in the same awe as they themselves.

Pashi/ pixabay | 1883 is a breath of fresh air in a genre that seemed overdone

Fans have been quick to notice the role of Faith Hill (Tim McGraw’s actual wife) who plays the role of  Margaret Dutton, John’s great grandmother. The empowered female character sparks a new life in the show with her powerful performance. Moving away from the submissive characters Hollywood has so often been blamed for, Margaret stands shoulder to shoulder with her husband as they travel through the plains of America.

It’s extremely intriguing to see how the shows powerful women in the same ‘wild west’ narrative where women have been mostly left out. In fact, the entire show is narrated by John’s great aunt Elsa.

Spoilers alert!

USA-Reiseblogger/ pixabay | The stunning beauty of American wildnerness holds silent secrets of the past

The producers of the show have made it clear that the audience is in for a ride. The show takes place in an era when there is no law. The ‘wild west’ works on the laws of the people, and their egos. The series shows epic scenes of Duttons traveling through an uninhabited America as they seek to settle down and find a home. Tim McGraw plays a tear-jerker as he plows his way through hardships.

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