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3 Efficient Ways To Monitor Your Health At Home

“Health is wealth” –Mahatma Gandhi

One of the most important aspects you need to take consideration and pay attention to in life is your health. Just like the saying above says, good health is what keeps us going.  Therefore, it is important to invest time and effort in securing a good health. if we don’t want to get sick.

However, the harsh reality is that most people do not give their health a priority. Instead, they overlook it and work their bodies to exhaustion. They barely take healthy foods and instead prefer indulging in processed foods. For that reason, they will never miss an appointment with the doctor, and these are increasingly becoming costly. But do you know that you can keep a close watch on your health from the premises of your home?

Here are some tips on how you can monitor your health at home.

 Self-Breast Examination


One of the deadliest forms of cancer that affect the majority of women is breast cancer. Unfortunately, most people who have breast cancer do not realize it until it is in its late stages.  But did you know that you can intercept it as early as you can? In fact, breast cancer can easily be diagnosed even without a medical check-up by a physician. You can do the self-breast examination at home. As a woman, you know how your breasts would normally look and feel. If you suspect something any change in the appearance of one or both of your breasts, do this quick test: 

Simply move your fingers around your entire breasts and armpits one at a time, applying varying degrees of pressure. According to Everyday Health, you should examine your breast for “anything unusual — and not just lumps, but also any skin dimpling, bruises, and changes to your nipple, including discharge.” If you notice any lumps or cystic breast, you should seek medical intervention immediately. It is also recommended that you have an annual breast examination. 

Self-Skin Examination

Another dangerous type of cancer that we as humans are dealing with is the cancer of the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is also the first line of defense against diseases and infections. Therefore, it is no wonder that the skin is also the most vulnerable one to attack. If there is a foreign invasion in our body, the skin is the first one to deal with the damage.

There is need to pay keen attention to the skin to ensure that it is healthy. You can do a self-skin examination to evaluate it. According to Skin Care Foundation, you need to pay attention to the following on your skin:   asymmetry, borders, coloring, diameter and evolution. Keep a mental diary of how your skin normally appears for optimum results. To maintain your skin further, we also recommend that you book an appointment with your dermatologist. They can help identify abnormalities of moles in the areas of the body difficult to see.

Checking Your Pulse



The heart is a very vital body organ as it keeps everything in check. If our heart is beating as it should, all the other organs in our body will continue to operate normally. However, if it stops, there will be no blood flow, and the result is death. That said,  the importance of it’s checking the pulse cannot be emphasized enough. Luckily, a self-pulse examination is not a difficult thing to do. 

 Just put your middle and index finger on your opposite wrist and count your pulse for a minute. A normal pulse rate must range within 60 to 100. A bit lower than 60 is acceptable if you are an active, athletic person. But lower pulse rate indicates that you might be at risk for cardiovascular disease or a heart attack.

Following these health tips can help you fight back and intercept deadly diseases. We recommend that you start paying close attention to your health or else you will regret later. If you are healthy enough, you will have a prolonged life to enjoy with your family and loved ones. 

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