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3 Travel Memberships That Are Worth Every Penny

The world we currently live in is extremely subscription-obsessed. Haven’t you noticed?

These days you can find subscriptions for anything and everything whether it be clothes or hot sauce.

With the world slowly coming out of the pandemic-forced lockdown, travel has become more popular than ever before. Clearly staying indoors for a year can ignite a need to travel once the fears subside. This is exactly what global trends are seemingly signifying.

If you’re in a similar boat and are looking for some great travel deals to help cut the budget, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the best travel memberships that you can benefit from.

1. Wheels Up

Wheels Up | A model of Wheels Up’s King Air 350i

If you’re looking for private jet charter memberships, Wheels Up is the service for you! The membership grants you access to a fabulous fleet of aircrafts such as the fastest one, Citation X, an 8-passenger Citation Excel/XLS, a King Air 350i, etc. Employing a dynamic pricing model, the service offers competitive rates, enabling members to book on-demand flights with a flexible payment schedule. Additional benefits include dedicated partnership rates with Porsche, a partnership with Delta SkyMiles, Inspirato Club’s complimentary trial on subscription for 12 months, President’s Circle status with Hertz, invites to signature events, etc.

The service has three membership options to choose from ranging from $2,995 in initiation fees to $29,500.

2. PS at LAX

Insider | Peak inside a luxury private room offered by PS at LAX

Formerly known as Private Suite, this service is specially designed for business-class and first-class travelers seeking convenience and privacy. We all know how much of a drag airport security can be, especially during weekends and holidays, so the service permits them to bypass LAX altogether. When traveling with PS, you can check into a private terminal where you have a private luxury suite complete with complimentary in-suite meals and other on-request services such as detailing services for personal cars, manicures, and massages.

PS at LAX offers an annual membership of $4,500, which offers a one-way Suite experience for up to four travelers. Members can also use the Salon for free, while non-members will have to pay an extra $695 per person.

3. Inspirato

Pexels | Enjoy a comfortable stay in luxury hotels around the world with Inspirato

If your priority on vacation is finding affordable resorts and vacation homes, Inspirato is the perfect choice for you. The service offers access to over 150,000 luxury accommodations. You can pick between two membership types, the first being the Inspirato Club and the second, the Inspirato Pass. The former allows you luxury hotels and residences across the world, daily housekeeping, on-site concierge, and other extra benefits such as spa credits, room upgrades, and late check-in/check-out. This membership costs $600 per month plus a $600 enrollment fee. And you have to foot the nightly room costs yourself as well.

The Inspirato Pass, however, allows you all the benefits of the Inspirato Club pass, plus the nightly room rates. This costs $2,500 and allows for as many vacations as you wish in a month, with no limitations. You can also cancel the membership whenever you wish to.

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