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This 37 Year Old Is Spilling The Secrets Of How She Quit Her Full-Time Job For A Passive Income

Not everyone is built for a 9 to 5 job where you have to sit in a confined desk space and work until 5 pm, only to come back home and spend the rest of the day sulking on the couch until you fall asleep. Some people would prefer a different life where they’d have the benefit of working at their preferred schedules without having to worry about traveling to their offices. One of these people happens to be Jannese Torres, who is the founder of the blog “Delish D’Lites” and the podcast “Yo Quiero Dinero.”

In 2013, Torres was working as an engineer, and she was making $80k a year. Despite having a relatively stable job, she felt unfulfilled and decided to bring a change in her life. The same year, Jannese started a food blog where she would upload her Puerto Rican recipes. Shortly after that, she was laid off from her job, which led to her making her passion for this blog a permanent thing. She then started working on her podcast “You Quiero Dinero,” which focuses on personal finances. Now Torres is the proud owner of 10 income streams at the young age of 37. Here is what she has to say when it comes to people looking to create multiple income streams.

Ekaterian/Pexels | Life’s too short to not experiment with a different career.

1. Try Getting Rid Of What You Don’t Want

Sometimes, people are not sure about what they want, but they are sure about what they do not want, which is exactly what Torres talked about! During the early days of her blog, she quickly realized that she enjoyed talking and writing about food for her fans. Once she discovered her passion, she started to understand what she did not want: a dead-end job that took up most of her time.

Andrea/Pexels | It helped Torres understand that food was her passion and that her engineering job was only holding her back from pursuing her passion.

2. Don’t Underestimate Yourself

It took Torres a while to start making income from her blog, but when she did, she learned to stop underestimating herself and her side hustle, which had turned into a full-time career. Initially, she would charge a nominal amount of money for any deals, partnerships, and collaboration, but Torres realized that it was a lot of work that they were getting from her while she was only getting a fraction of the payback. Now, Jannese sets a decent-sized pay rate for herself when it comes to any potential deal.

2. Knowing What To Prioritize And What To Outsource

There is a whole community of freelancers who are eager to help you out by providing their services whenever you ask for them. Thanks to them, Torres manages to get her tasks done efficiently and on time.

When you have a successful blog and a podcast, you quickly begin to experience severe burnout, which not only affects the quality of the work but it also demotivates you while slowing down your creativity. Because of this, you need to get help from people who offer their services. You keep the high-priority tasks for yourself and ease the burden by handing the rest of the tasks to the people you hire.

Ivan/Pexels | If you are going to exhaust yourself, then what’s the difference between a regular job and this one?

These tips may sound simple, but these tips are essential for anyone who wishes to choose this career path.

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