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5 Motivating Celebrity Drug Rehab Stories

We all know that tale about a young celebrity who is trapped in the world of alcohol and drugs, going out of control and destroying his/her reputation and even ending up tragically, from the consequences of the addiction. Under the lights and cameras, all celebrities are always under pressure to be slim, beautiful, smiling and energetic. The stress and from paparazzi and the public attention increase, leading to multiple addictions. Furthermore, in their position and with all the money they have, it is pretty easy to access illegal drugs. Many people even consider it normal for a celebrity to use drugs.

Thankfully, many of the celebrities eventually find their way out of their addiction. As a matter of fact, there are several moving and inspiring stories of celebrities who made it through this endless circle of addiction. That is an amazing thing to hear and share with others.

“I’ve done just about every drug possible. Coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, everything. The worst effect, for me, was pot. I felt silly and giggly, and I hate feeling like that.” —Angelina Jolie

Here are five most motivating celebrity drug rehab stories.

Drew Barrymore 

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She started acting back in 1982 in the movie called “E.T: Extraterrestrial”, but not many people know that she was already walking along her self-destruction road. When she was 11 years old, she was already an alcoholic, and by the age of 13, she became a cocaine addict! The breakpoint was her suicidal attempt. She went to a rehab and successfully got clean and sober from that point on. We can also say that this was a breakpoint for her career. She later became one of the most famous actresses and producers of her generation. Truly,  this girl has plenty of strength!

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is the daughter of a famous “Prince of Darkness”, Ozzy Osbourne, who was a member of a well-known group Black Sabbath. Growing up as this man’s daughter was tough enough for Kelly; it influenced her badly and led her towards addiction. By the age of 17, Kelly was addicted to Vicodin and went to the rehab. Luckily, she got sober and beat her addiction. She continued with her life and started a new career. She became a commentator and a host, working as a regular panel member on E!’s Fashion Police.”

Robert Downey, Jr.


We all know Robert as a famous American actor, but we didn’t know that from the 80’s, he was all over the newspaper headlines for his multiple drug addiction and trips to the rehab. The breaking point happened when he was arrested while sleeping in a young girl’s bed in LA, where he came after breaking into the home on an alcohol and drug revelry. He served his sentence and went to the rehab afterward. Today, Robert has been clean and sober since 2002. The most important thing is that his career went on the upward trajectory. Actually, his movie “The Avengers” was one of the top movies of 2012. Robert continues to break records with every next one! Have you seen his ”Iron Man”?

Robin Williams

Robin was really special in every movie. It is interesting that he was addicted to cocaine and alcohol in his youth. When his friend, Jim Belushi died of an overdose, he decided to change his life and got clean. However, he continued to drink alcohol. In 2006, he joined a rehab again for alcoholism and stayed sober until his death, showing his strong will.

Nicole Richie

Nicole is a daughter of Lionel Richie, who is considered to be a music legend. She entered the reality show “The Simple Life” where she did some really silly things with her best friend, Paris Hilton. On the other side, her private life was full of problems. She was arrested in 2003 for heroin possession and later went to the rehab. She didn’t make it through the addiction, so she was arrested again in 2007 for driving under the influence of Vicodin and marijuana. Nicole succeeded in her struggles when she went on her second rehab – she has been clean and sober since. Today, Nicole is a mother of two children, a successful fashion and jewelry designer, and reality TV judge.

There are also many other people among the celebrities who may inspire others to stop their addictions. Still, the most important thing concerning any addiction is that a person has a strength and support from their closest ones.

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