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5 Simple Office Exercises That Can Do Amazing Things to Your Health

No time to exercise especially on weekdays because you’ve got a very hectic schedule at work? Well, we’ve got you covered! We bring you the following simple and easy office exercises that can change the way you see workouts and improve health and wellness.

Exercise now or be sorry!

Scientific research has verified that prolonged sitting — like what you usually do all day in the office — puts your life at high risk, sabotages your health and makes you into an eight-hour couch potato. Its findings also included that sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk for cancer by more than 60 percent. That’s quite alarming, isn’t it?


So before it’s too late, better try the following moves that fitness and wellness experts recommend to busy employees like you. Doing this regularly does not only gives you a healthier lifestyle but also rewards you with instant relief from work-related stress and pressure. Try these simple office workouts that worth your time and effort.

1. Maximize the stairs.

Use the stairs instead of rushing to most of the times congested elevators. This is not only a good form of “staircase cardio” exercise but also makes you help save energy. So start scaling a flight of stairs now and you’d surely wind up your heart rate, burn fat, and engage your muscles and core more intensely than when you tread on a flat ground.

2. Don’t forget to do some stretching from time to time.


Sitting in front of the computer screen and frequently moving your neck in one direction, just up and down, could eventually give you painful neck strain. To prevent this from happening, some physical therapists suggest that you reach over your head with the other hand and do some stretching. You may also lean towards the arm that is over your head and stretch your neck. This aids in the prevention or reduction of neck pain and stiffness after a long day at work.

3. Give your lower back some good stretch.

A soothing lower back stretch cannot only relieve stress and lower back pains but even change the way you feel towards work. Your static posture in your office chair increases stress in your back and can heighten large amounts of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs. Try this stretching routine as recommended by Tae Kwon Do master and registered yoga instructor Drew Vanover: sitting tall, back off of the back of the chair, engage the abs in and up, and lengthen through the top of the head as you begin to twist to one side. Turn from the lower back first, then the middle back, then upper back.

4. A “book press” routine benefits your triceps.

Simply stand straight as you hold the heaviest book you have in the office. Put it behind your head, then bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle as you lower the book behind your head. Straighten your arms, bringing the book overhead. You may wish to also extend your arms up high (for some good stretching). Then, do it again: slowly drop it back down and repeat for several times.

5. A ‘foot flex’ drill pampers your tired feet.

Just like any parts of your body, your feet – along with your toes and heels – also need good exercise to stay in good shape. So to combat the adverse effects of prolonged sitting unto your feet, do this simple drill that won’t even take most of your precious time.

You can do this foot-relaxing trick whether you are in sitting or standing position. Choose anything that is most comfortable for you. First, place your feet flat on the floor, then raise your toe up toward the ceiling. Give your feet the “flex” they deserve. Next, you may lower your foot to flat again and this time raise your heel, placing pressure on the toes until you feel a stretch. Lower your foot to flat again, then repeat this for 10 times on both sides.

Here are other office workouts that you could try. The infographic below actually says it all but you may also opt to check ‘The Post’ for more daily routines. Believe us, it’s worth the try! No worries, these workouts can be done as discreet as you wish. Stay fit and healthy all year long!

Office Workout Infographic

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