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How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Business

With an international pool of competitive workers and employees applying and competing for your job post, finding the right employee for your company can be overwhelming. It is certainly exhaustive and tiring to filter through thousands of applications just to find the select few who are qualified and best suited for the job.

Moreover, it is quite frustrating not o find the right one at all. How do you deal with these problems in the hiring and selection process? Here are some tips to enable you to hire the competitive employees you need in your company.

Rethink Your Job Requirements


You may be tempted to list all the technical skills and experience you are looking for in an employee, but it takes more than that to hire the right employee. For instance, Ryan Petersen, CEO of Flexport, needed employees who were equipped with technological skills and a significant working experience in logistics.

After a few months, he found out that the people who possessed the skills he was looking for were rare, resulting in a low application rate.

To fill his open positions, he started to rethink his job requirements. Instead of focusing on logistic skills, he decided to look for an employee with intellectual curiosity. He figured that the right employee does not have to possess all the skills you are looking for; he or she just needs to be willing to learn and expand their knowledge base. 

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Find New Talent Pools

The problem with finding an experienced employee is that the selection process goes both ways. Just as you are trying to get the most suitable candidate to fill that position, the applicants are looking for an ideal employer. Sometimes, they tend to go for nothing less than the most prestigious and highest-paying companies.

In this case, you may want to expand your horizon and find new talent pool in other places. Some companies prefer to go to state colleges and even high schools institutions to explain how lucrative and in-demand some skills are.

They inspire the youth to be interested in their careers so that in future, they get adequate skilled staff. Other companies even hire students as their on job trainees so that they can absorb them in their companies once they graduate.  

Find the Right Hiring Software 


If you and your HR staff are having a hard time filtering out your applicants, get a software to help you with the process. Take Koru, for example. This predictive hiring platform allows employers to quickly screen and identify the top candidates, enabling them to spend less time scanning through resumes. 

Moreover, if the candidate is not qualified, the software recommends a training course for him or her. This enables employees to hone their skills to be competitive and experienced. The software also enables you to determine whether an applicant is willing to learn and dedicated to becoming a part of your company.  The research-based developmental tool helps new employees get up to speed by engaging content- and experience-based training.

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Involve Your Team in the Selection Process

You might not want to bother your employees with the selection process because, after all, you have a dedicated HR team to do the job. However, conversing and consulting your team once in a while is helpful. Remember that the new employee will be working with your team most of the time. Therefore, your team knows more what they need in a new member. 

It is recommended that you also conduct a group interview with your team to enable the team to assess your applicant’s skills and expertise. Team building or a group activity would also help in the determination of how well the new applicant can blend and work with the team assigned to him. 

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