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Five Ways To Stop Unwelcome Thoughts In Their Tracks

Every person has his or her own inner voice—or even more of them. We all think differently, but everyone is influenced greatly by their daily thoughts. In every situation, we hear thousands of minds going through our heads and sometimes, that is not a good thing.

Some thoughts can help us and make us feel better, while others make us feel negative, unsuccessful, and bad. Unfortunately, bad thoughts can hold us back and prevent us from progressing. And, although we can’t completely rule our minds, we can at least train them a little bit to prevent too many negative thoughts from piling up in our brains. Anyhow, when we notice a negative thought, we shouldn’t be influenced by it at all because letting them rule our lives is wrong—and it will only get worse with time.

Here are five ways to stop the unwanted thoughts (and not to be touched by them at all).

Embrace your thoughts


Don’t resist negative thoughts, but embrace them greatly. If you try to push them all away, they will haunt your mind more and more. The secret solution is to let your thoughts in and not resist them at all. Even if this seems pretty weird to you, you should try it out. This way, positivity will help you beat negative thoughts and just continue walking free of them. 

Next time, when a negative thought enters your mind, allow it to enter but don’t give it any acknowledgment at all. Don’t resist it, nor should you start thinking about it. Act like you saw it but it didn’t draw your attention and be sure that this works—just try and you’ll see.

Be where you actually are

Don’t go away or be distant since consciousness will encourage you to rule your thoughts greatly. Be conscious of your thoughts, feel the energy that is coming your way, and then embrace it or just leave it disappear like we already mentioned. The thing is that thoughts which can’t draw your attention can’t grow in energy either. This shows us the great power of consciousness, which can help us solve many problems related to this issue. Don’t forget that if you distance yourself too much from your thoughts, they can only become stronger.

Your direct attention gives power to your thoughts

If you are giving attention to the thought, you are actually making it more powerful! This basically means that you are feeding your own thoughts with attention, and thus helping them grow. A bad thing is that negative thoughts are fed more often because they contain fear and thus draw our attention. You must practice every day in order to focus on the right thought. Trust your intelligence and life, and don’t fall down for your fears. You should be brave and embrace positivity—this is easier said than done, but you should focus on it and you will notice the results!

Simply enjoy the silence


Whenever you feel bad thoughts coming to your mind, try to move to a peaceful place. This will help you relax and move your attention to something positive. You can sit or lie down, bringing your attention to a present moment. You should direct your thoughts towards the environment, things around you which are happening right now. Also, you can look outside and listen to the song of the birds, or watch the water flow, etc. The silence you produce in that moment will have the power to

Also, you can look outside and listen to the song of the birds, or watch the water flow, etc. The silence you produce in that moment will have the power to keep negative thoughts silent, until they don’t disappear completely. Silence is quite a force, huh?

Don’t be afraid

Your mind is a part of you, so you should be afraid of neither the things that are going to happen nor of the thoughts that are yet to come. Think about those negative thoughts as harmless things that just go away. Anyhow, the important thing is not to feed them with your attention, right? Once you master the process, you won’t find it difficult at all. It will just become a daily routine for you—kicking out negative thoughts and encouraging your brain to create other, positive ones.

People often say that we are what we think and thoughts make us the way we are. We can only be sure that we actually are managing our minds and also helping them to produce both negative and positive thoughts. It is amazing how easily everyone can become positive by just managing their thoughts in the right way!

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