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7 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Ever

In the Hollywood, everything is so gleaming and great, but behind the scenes, there are a lot of heartbreaks and tears. Most of the celebrity couples can’t settle for a long period of time. Sometimes love sparkles among the stars on the stage, but sometimes it fades away much faster than it came in the first place! Here are 7 fastest celebrity divorces ever.

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

Drew and Tom were engaged for a year, which isn’t a bad start at all. They married in 2001 but were married only for only 5 months. Tom quoted irreconcilable differences in the documents as a reason for they split. Drew Barrymore is currently happily married and has two children, while Tom has never married again, but stated that he will start a family at the right time.

Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley

Nicolas and Lisa, Elvis Presley’s daughter, didn’t have much in common from the beginning. They met in the year 2000 and got married in Hawaii. Their marriage lasted for only 4 months when Nicolas applied for the divorce and questioned why they were married in the first place. This was Lisa’s third divorce, which lasted longer than her previous attempts. It was finalized in 2004. Lisa has two children with Michael Lockwood, of whom she divorced in 2016, and Nicolas also remarried after but ended up divorced in 2016. Nicolas has only one child so far, a son.

Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine

Ethel and Ernest are one of the older actors, but they became famous not because of their acting careers but because of their express divorce. When they got married back in 1964 each one had already divorced before – twice. The reason is alleged that Ernest had more fans than Ethel. Soon, as they stated, their marriage became the living hell. They separated only after 32 days. Ethel didn’t marry again, but Ernest did afterward.

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Mario and Ali married in 2004 after six years of the stable relationship. The interesting thing is that after the marriage, Mario confessed that he cheated Ali before! He said he was unfaithful on his bachelor party which occurred just a few days before the wedding. Maybe this is a kind of fashion that a man cheats during a bachelor party when he realizes the girl he is going to marry will be the only one for the rest of his life. Maybe women do the same, who knows. Mario and Ali’s marriage lasted for only 18 days. They both carried on with their lives and started their families separately. Ali remarried in 2006 and has three children and Mario married in 2012 and has two children.

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds

Eddie and Tracey married in French Polynesia and many say that it wasn’t a legal wedding at all. It was additionally followed by honeymoon where these two were constantly fighting. Eddie insisted that Tracey should take his name but she refused and the whole thing ended in two weeks. Actually, the couple agreed not to pursue a wedding but to remain friends. Tracey remarried and has two children, while Eddie has never remarried.

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander


Britney and Jason had the most infamous possible marriage including a divorce, and all the credit goes to Britney. Jason was her childhood friend and she later stated that the wedding was a joke that went too far. They divorced after 55 hours of marriage! Britney remarried and had two children later.

Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker

Rudolph and Jean have married a long time ago, but they still deserve a gold medal for the shortest marriage in history – if we can even call it a marriage. They married in 1919 and said that they regretted it almost the same moment. Valentino filed for the divorce the same day; their marriage lasted for 6 hours! Jean didn’t remarry, and Rudolph remarried and separated soon after. This couple remained friends after their marriage and a small fight about Jean calling herself “Mrs. Valentino” which is a rare thing to hear!

Many of these couples dreamed about living ‘happily ever after’, and they ended up having very short marriages. It was surely hard to recover and start seeking happiness again, but some of them succeeded in this pursuit. We hope that this kind of accidental marriages won’t happen anymore to anyone. It seems like it must be very stressful when we think about all the media attention and paparazzi crawling around them. It could practically destroy our inner peace which we all tend to acquire.

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