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8 Certain Signs You Have an Extremely Strong Personality

Have you ever been told that you are rude, loud, and bossy? That is because those who told you that are intimidated by the strength you exude.

You cannot help the fact that you have a domineering personality. We know that on the inside you are a kitty cat, but others don’t know that. And since they don’t, they are a bit afraid of you. To some people, a sign of strength would be winning all the time, but you don’t have that need. As a matter of fact, you just never let people walk all over you. These people cannot see the source fo your self-confidence, and cannot understand the fact that you are so comfortable in your own skin that you do not need anyone else’s validation.

Sounds familiar?

Here are other signs that you have strength in your personality that is intimidating to some people.

Small talk is the enemy

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When you have a strong personality, your mind brims with ideas. You simply don’t want to waste time on something insignificant when you could be changing the world. You might even feel like you are bad at small talk, but actually, you are not. Feeling a discomfort over wasting time and brain cells is OK.

No excuses policy

A sign of a strong personality is not putting up with excuses. If a challenge comes before you, you will not talk about what you cannot do. Instead, you will focus on what you can do and look for ways to overcome the obstacles put before you. Never question yourself for not making excuses – this strength will pull you out of many problems.

You choose company

As strong as you are, you never needed someone else to tell you who you are, what you need to do, or what you are capable of. You understand that there are people out there who seek out validation from outside in order to feel right. On the other hand, you are not one of them. No boss, family member, boyfriend or girlfriend can tell you where your limits are. You will figure that one out all on your own.

You are a great listener

The truth is – you simply know how to listen to others. Their stories are not a threat to your self-confidence, but, even this ability of yours might scare some. Being heard and encouraged can terrify those who are not used to it.

You despise ignorance and insensitivity

The main difference between dominating and strong personalities is that the first one comes from a lack of knowledge or influence, and the later is a result of being well-informed and thoughtful. We don’t have to tell you that the difference between the two is enormous.

Since you put your time and effort into using your mind for good, you despise seeing people make instant judgments about things they know nothing about. This is one of your best qualities because instead of using your knowledge to influence people, you use it to encourage people to think about what they say before they say it.

Fearless is your other name

Ok, not really. No one is completely fearless. But, here’s the catch. You are afraid of things, but you go forward in spite of it. Even if some things cause you dread, you still face them, and never let the fear control your life.

Make an opportunity out of every insecurity

When you feel insecure about something, you are perfectly aware that it means you can do it better. You know nobody is perfect – yourself included, but if you try to evolve and learn, in spite of many risks, you are really living. Those who flinch because of insecurity are merely existing – you got the right recipe for life.


No craving for attention

Being who you are, among other things means that you don’t need attention as much as others. Most people who met you think that attention is your bread and butter, but this is really not the truth. It is certainly not your fault that your personality draws people into your vicinity. All the socializing you do – it is not because you crave for it, but because people need people like you around.

Do you recognize yourself in this article? Good.

Some people will say that you are difficult to be around, but that’s only because you challenge them to be the best versions of themselves. Don’t let that discourage you. You are awesome just the way you are.

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