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8 Simple Ways to Deal With Rude People

Everyone can be rude sometimes whether unintentionally when they don’t think about the consequences of their words uttered or like those people out there who just like to be rude. This article is about them, about all those people who are always being rude towards others, towards you and actually enjoying it. There are some simple ways how to deal with them and not becoming one of them along that way. Next time you encounter a rude person, just remember these pieces of advice we are giving you here. You can thank us later.

No. 1 – Always say ‘Thank you’ no matter what

You have to understand one thing here – rude people cannot stand when someone is polite. In other words, they are rude because they don’t like the politeness itself and they want for all the people to be like themselves. So, when you tell them ‘Thank you’ that means that you didn’t let their poisonous attitude affect you. ‘Thank you’ means that you retained your inner peace and equilibrium.

“A polite enemy is just as difficult to discredit, as a rude friend is to protect.”—-Bryant H. McGill 


No. 2 – Always show that you appreciate their point of view, but…

When a person utters something rude, it usually means that they want to bring you down. You have to stay calm and remind yourself that you don’t want to stoop to their level … and you really don’t have to. Show them that you want to lead an adult conversation, not a childish one. You should ignore that rude remarks and continue your speech in a calm manner telling them that you appreciate their point of view, but… and then focus on your own point of view and your arguments. It really isn’t difficult at all. Try imagining the situation previously at your home, in front of the mirror. It can help a lot if you have practiced the situation beforehand.

No. 3 – Finish the conversation before it becomes ugly

You should think about your own dignity. If you feel like you are about to lose it, just step away from the conversation. Simply say: ‘This conversation is finished right here.’ Don’t let your interlocutor make you regret your own words later on. Rude people tend to do this and they enjoy it. Don’t give them that satisfaction.


No. 4 – Give them the opportunity to apologize

This is advisable to do in group settings. When a rude person asks you something in their manner, you should stay cool and answer something like: ‘Do you really expect me to give you an answer to that? I am really sorry, but I don’t think it is even worth mentioning.’ This will cool them a bit and give them the opportunity to apologize for being rude. If they want to.

No. 5 – You can be a bit sarcastic if you wish

Sarcasm is a great weapon. Use it whenever you want and you will be free from those people who are trying to hurt your feelings. When a person sees that you are not being influenced by their rude remarks, they will stop bugging you (and probably find some other victims).

No. 6 – Say simply: ‘You’re right!’ 

No, you don’t really have to agree, this will be used just to cut the conversation short. This is a statement after which there are no more arguing, right? You are admitting and the other side can just nod their head and feel satisfied (or dissatisfied if they realize that what you have just said is simply to stop any further discussions on the topic).

Anytime anybody is rude, it makes me double-check my own behavior to make sure I don’t do that to other people.

-Patricia Heaton

No. 7 – Say: ‘You are always so negative. Goodbye.’

This will actually have two effects. The first effect is that it will make your interlocutor wonder if this is really so. The second effect will be that it will end the conversation which could become a nasty one if you just let yourself crawl into it.

No. 8 – You can always fight with your laughter

This will make them feel embarrassed and that is your goal. On the other hand, you will feel great while laughing, so you get some bonus points here. Your laughing attitude will make the whole situation look less serious, so it will be easily discarded as a joke.

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