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Why Oliver Stone Praised Oppenheimer

In cinema, certain films can transcend mere entertainment, etching themselves into the annals of time as instant classics. One such cinematic creation is Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” a sprawling three-hour epic that has garnered praise from some of the most distinguished filmmakers in the industry.

From Oliver Stone to Paul Schrader, the accolades are pouring in, solidifying “Oppenheimer’s” status as an exceptional piece of cinematic artistry.

A Directorial Triumph

With a cinematic legacy that boasts masterpieces like “JFK” and “Natural Born Killers,” Oliver Stone’s perspective carries weight within the industry. The filmmaker took to Twitter to share his thoughts on “Oppenheimer,” having recently experienced the gripping narrative crafted by Christopher Nolan.

Bang Showbiz/ IMDb | Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” has not only conquered the box office but also solidified its place in the annals of cinema

Stone’s praise was unequivocal; he commended Nolan for uncovering the essence of the project, a feat that even Stone had grappled with when considering the material. His tweet read, “Nolan has found it.”

The reception “Oppenheimer” has received since its release on July 21 is spectacular. The film’s global box office earnings have soared to an impressive $405 million, a testament to its resonance with audiences worldwide. Beyond the financial success, the film’s screenings continue to sell out across IMAX venues, signaling the demand for Nolan’s preferred 70mm experience.

Paul Schrader’s Stamp of Approval

Oliver Stone isn’t alone in his admiration for “Oppenheimer.” Another prominent figure in the cinematic landscape, Paul Schrader, has hailed the film as “the best, most important film of this century.” Schrader’s endorsement carries weight, given his extensive contributions to cinema. His recognition of the film’s significance speaks volumes about the impact of “Oppenheimer” on viewers and industry insiders.

Leon Neal/ Getty Images | The film is about the creation of the atomic bomb during World War II

Stone’s Deeper Dive

Oliver Stone didn’t stop at a tweet; he delved into a Twitter thread to elaborate on his thoughts about “Oppenheimer.” He marveled at Christopher Nolan’s directorial prowess, characterizing it as “mind-boggling & eye-popping.” Stone praised Nolan’s ability to distill a wealth of incidents into a torrent of captivating action that coexists harmoniously with intricate dialogue.

He singled out the actors for their exceptional performances, reserving special commendation for Cillian Murphy, whose portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer struck a chord. Stone underscored Murphy’s ability to embody the genius of Oppenheimer, stating, “Each actor is a surprise to me, especially Cillian Murphy, whose exaggerated eyes here feel normal playing a genius like “Oppenheimer.”

A Modern Classic

Stone’s accolades for “Oppenheimer” didn’t come without a nuanced perspective. While he lauded the film as a classic, he also expressed reservations about its representation of certain historical aspects. Stone alluded to his 2012 documentary series “The Untold History of the United States,” which he co-created with historian Peter Kuznick.

Melinda Sue Gordon/ Esquire | Oliver Stone turned down the chance to make an ‘Oppenheimer’ movie but believes Christopher Nolan’s film is a “classic.”

The series dissected events leading to the Cold War, including the rationale behind dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. Stone raised questions about the film’s portrayal of the Japanese response, highlighting the complexity of historical representation within the context of cinematic storytelling.

A Visionary Director’s Legacy

Oliver Stone’s recent endeavor, the 2022 documentary “Nuclear Now,” underscores his commitment to exploring impactful themes through film. This documentary delves into the potential of nuclear power to solve the climate crisis, challenging traditional reliance on fossil fuels.

Stone’s continued engagement with thought-provoking subjects and his recognition of Nolan’s directorial achievements in “Oppenheimer” encapsulates the spirit of innovation and exploration that defines the world of cinema.

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