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Prince Charles Drops Potenial Names For New Grandchild, But The Baby Won’t Be A Prince or a Princess

Every single time an official announcement from the royal family involving a new royal baby, people just start to speculate what his or her name will be as well as the gender. It was officially announced last October that the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their very first child after getting married last May. It was posted by the Kensington Palace and the announcement said that the new member of the royal family will be born in the Spring of 2019.

During their royal tour, the Duchess has been captured with her little baby bump which made the world even more excited for the new baby. It wasn’t that long ago when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their third child, Prince Louis, last April. People are now starting to guess what the child’s name would be, as well as how he will be referred to since the child cannot technically be a prince or a princess unlike his or her cousins Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Royal Baby Names

If the public is excited with the new royal baby coming, what more the other members of the royal family? The Queen herself expressed her delightedness over the news as well as Meghan’s mother Doria who will become a grandmother for the very first time. Prince Charles, on the other hand, is happy to become a grandfather for the fourth time and this time from his youngest son.

The names George, Charlotte, and Louis became even more popular worldwide because of the names of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children.

Prince Charles even joked about the potential baby names for Prince Harry and Meghan’s unborn child. The soon-to-be-king said that the names Kylie and Shane could make it into the list, as well as Edna or Les. This, of course, may not be possible since it does not hold any significance to the British monarchy, however, the child will be far down the line of the throne so unlike Prince William’s children it can be given a pretty modern name.

Prince George is the closest in line after his father Prince William and grandfather Prince Charles, his name was picked in honor of the Queen’s father. Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, has Diana in one of her names in honor of Prince William and Harry’s late mother. Prince Louis is pretty popular in the British monarchy and one of his middle names is Charles from his grandfather. People then expect that Prince Harry and Meghan will reveal the gender as well as the baby name once the baby has been born next year.

A New Heir To The Throne

The royal baby may be coming next year but this doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she will have the title of a prince or a princess. That is because of the royal decree by King George V in 1917 that the oldest son of the Prince of Wales’ oldest son is the only one who is entitled to be a prince, hence Prince George is referred to that way.

However, the Queen herself made a new rule back in 2012 with a Letters Patent that says all of the children of the Prince of Wales’ son will hold the title of HRH or becoming a prince or princess, which is is why Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are entitled.

Once Prince Harry’s child is born, he or she will be seventh in line of succession and will most likely have the title of a lord or a lady under the current ruling

Technically, this ruling does not apply to Prince Harry since he is not the firstborn son of the Prince of Wales, making him so far from the throne with his older brother’s children before him. He is currently in the sixth spot while his unborn child will be on the seventh in line once he or she has been born.

They will remain in that spot unless Prince William and Kate decide to have more children. As per the royal decree, Prince Harry’s child will not have a royal title of a prince and princess, he or she will be referred to as a Lord or a Lady, unless the Queen decides to step in and issue another Letter Patent allowing Prince Harry’s child to have that title.

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