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Prepare Your Resume Now! Kylie Jenner Just Gave her Make-up Artist a VERY Expensive Gift

What’s your idea of a perfect boss? One who lets you go home after you have completed your tasks? A person who consistently compliments your outfits? Or an exec who immediately approves your vacation leaves without hesitation? Whatever your notion might be, we can all agree that a thoughtful boss who appreciates us is one we all desire to have. Unfortunately, not all of us reports to that kind of person every day.

Best Boss Ever

Those who find themselves stuck in a mundane job with an arrogant and unprofessional boss can find comfort that there are a few rare gems out there — that is, a few ideal bosses whom they deserve.

Take for example Kylie Jenner, declared as the youngest self-made billionaire. Working for the makeup maven surely has a lot of perks, obviously, just think of meeting all the Kardashian-Jenner clan members, certainly a win-win situation for you.

Kylie Jenner and Ariel Tejada started working together four years ago.

Plus, Kylie, who is richer than most of us, being your boss means higher pay, as everyone would expect, presumably higher than our 9 to 5 works. You can also expect to be one of the first to see her latest cosmetic products. One of the lucky ones is Ariel Tejada, the reality star’s make-up artist – fans of the mother of one would be familiar with him because he already appeared in the 2017 E! reality show “Life of Kylie.”

Surprise Party and Present

We all know that Kylie spends a lot of time with her glam squad so it is safe to say that she treats them like family. So when Ariel’s 24th birthday came, she naturally has something for him … something that will bring sparkle to his eyes. Per usual, the 21-year-old made sure she’d go the extra mile for the makeup artist by throwing him an uber posh and glamorous party and to go along with it is a massive diamond ring!

Kylie Jenner gifted her makeup artist a very expensive ring

So during the party, Kylie was seen giving Ariel this beautifully wrapped present and when he did open it, he got the surprise of his life! It caught him off-guard and had him in tears because he said it was the sparkler he had been eyeing for a couple of months now. He immediately hugged his boss and expressed his gratitude for the totally unexpected gift.

Pulling the Strings

Kylie then revealed that whenever Ariel was telling her about the XIV Karats ring he had been obsessed with, she would pretend that she’s not listening. Little did the make-up artist know that after their conversation, the celebrity called the jewelry shop to ask about the one he wanted.

Kylie and daughter Stormi signed the card

What made the present more special was the fact that the message, which described Ariel as a “special soul,” was signed by Kylie and Stormi. In his Story, Ariel gushed over what his boss did and thanked him for such an extra surprise.

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